Hot Interview: The Boys of Gossip Girl Talk Style... and Girls

by Sabrina Newman • Nov 7, 2007 9:43 AM PST
Hot Interview: The Boys of Gossip Girl Talk Style... and Girls

The Reebok SS '08 Preview Party gave me the chance to spice up my usual Wednesday night routine. Instead of lounging around in sweats and curling up on the couch for an episode of my newest guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl, I got the chance to get decked out and mingle with GG stars- Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick!

Chace Crawford, who plays conflicted rich boy Nate Archibald, was waiting on line for sushi (he didn€™t use his celeb status to cut the line, btw) when I accosted him. I mean, when I introduced myself.

Hot Interview: The Boys of Gossip Girl Talk Style... and Girls

Stylehive: What€™s it been like working on Gossip Girl?
Chace Crawford: It€™s an unreal experience, it€™s been phenomenal. We€™re all best friends on the cast, so it€™s a lot of fun.

Stylehive: What do you think it is about the show that makes it so popular right now?
CC:It was created by Josh Schwartz, who created The OC, who knows teen style very well, knows the lingo very well. I feel like there€™s no weak links as far as the acting goes. Plus it€™s based on the books, obviously, that were mega hits.

Stylehive: When did you get into acting? I seems like you kind of popped up out of nowhere!
CC:(Laughs) I went to school at Pepperdine. I did a year and switched majors a few times, so I just wanted to take a semester off and get my bearings. And I sort of fell into a little acting during that time. So I started trying it, loved it, and sort of worked my way up, and it€™s been going good ever since.

Stylehive: What do you think about the fashion on the show?
CC: It€™s pretty insane, isn€™t it? These girls are wearing like these $10,000 jackets to school, $25,000 watches - all this craziness that we have. It€™s insane! The guys stuff is pretty classic- I mean I€™m going sailing every episode! So it€™s preppy, but it€™s good! It€™s really sharp. The suits are my favorite; I get to wear some pretty cool suits.

Stylehive: Okay, now we've been hearing rumors. Are you dating anyone?
CC: Well, I mean, I like to date around. I just don€™t kiss and tell!

Read on for Stylehive's interview with Ed Westwick....

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