Hot In The Hive: USB-Powered Eyelash Curler!

by Alex Gambardella • Nov 25, 2009 6:24 AM PST
Hot In The Hive: USB-Powered Eyelash Curler!

I know what you're thinking -- vibrating mascara, at-home airbrushing kits, and now a USB heated eyelash curler -- what will they think of next?! Though I'm still convinced that mascara that moves on its own is just a recipe for disaster, I have to admit I'm pretty intrigued by this USB beauty tool, especially as a girl who is rarely without her laptop and her makeup bag. I'm already a big fan of my Sephora heated eyelash curler... but the battery's always drained and it doesn't have the same satisfying squeeze-and-curl action that makes for really luxe lashes. With this device, all you do is plug it in, power it on, and revive lashes pronto! So if you're going to have an emergency stash of back-up makeup at your desk for touch-ups and work (or in preparation for post-work happy hour), this newfangled new beauty-fiend gadget may not be so far-fetched when it comes to practicality!

Price: $33.38
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