Hot In The Hive: MobiGrip Device Leash

by Alex Gambardella • Jun 16, 2009 6:20 AM PDT
Hot In The Hive: MobiGrip Device Leash

If you've ever had to replace a waterlogged cell phone (or two) due to an unplanned dip in the toilet, this handy little invention has your name written all over it! The MobiGrip device leash, a stick-on mini-bungee that loops comfortably around your digits, is the cure to all butter finger-inflicted disasters that leave your poor dropped phone either cracked on the sidewalk or slowly fizzling out in a puddle of water. You just peel and stick the little button to the back of your cell, PDA, iPod, digital camera, or other accident-prone handheld and it's safe, sound, and secure in your palm no matter how klutzy you are or sweaty your palms get. You could even use the springy loop to clip your valuables to your belt or to your handbag's wallet clip for extra mishap prevention! As long as you're not careless enough to go for a swim with your gadget still looped to you, you may find yourself sticking with the same unharmed cell phone for a record duration of time!

Price: $9.95 each, with discounts if you buy 6 or more
Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add MobiGrips to the Hive.

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