Hot In The Hive: Decorative 30 Gallon Oak Wine Barrel

by Ida Hsiang • Dec 21, 2009 6:24 AM PST
Hot In The Hive: Decorative 30 Gallon Oak Wine Barrel

Most everybody likes a good bottle of wine, but there are certain people out there who live and breathe wine. These are the people that not only have a small collection of reds and whites at their disposal near the dinner table, but probably also have a cellar of some sort that houses the best bottles. Besides multiple bottles of the good stuff, their house probably also has framed pictures of wine and wine accessories around the kitchen, a monthly subscription to Wine 4 Life, and multiple coffee (wine?) table books on the subject scattered about. Maybe it's your father or father-in-law, a dear friend, or your loving husband who's the wine aficionado and you'd like to get them something they'll really like that pertains to their hobby. One problem. You have no idea about anything to do with wine except that it's good with dinner. What year Chateau Ste. Michelle was supposed to be good? Is the 2007 Merlot better than the Cabernet? Forget all the worrying and get them something that will make their wine collection and cellar even better, without you having to research the history of the grape. This 30-gallon oak wine barrel not only decorates and adds authentic appeal to any room, but it can double as a table top or be used as a table base. Versatile and perfect for the wine-lover in your life!

Price: $329.00, but many wineries have (empty) barrels for sale that go for under $100, and if you're not a fan of the unfinished look, you're a DIY project away from a new table!
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    hey wine is good for you, unless your pregnant!!

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