Hot In The Hive: Cuaderno Bandada Cube Octahedron Rings

by Ida Hsiang • Jan 4, 2010 6:33 AM PST
Hot In The Hive: Cuaderno Bandada Cube Octahedron Rings

Marilyn Monroe told us that a diamond is a girls best friend and you'd be hard pressed to find a chick that disagrees! And if diamonds are a girls best friend, then these Bandada Cube Octahedron rings are the edgy and rebellious friends from across town that your mother has forbidden you to see, but you do anyway because they're just so darn cool. Based out of beautiful Barcelona, Cuaderno Bandada is a brand that believes in merging jewelry design with product and graphic art and creating something unique. With an underlying message of wanting people to have an awareness of our relationship with the world and a consciousness of taking care of all that is important, Cuaderno Bandada uses handcrafted skills and industrial finishes to complete their jewelry. The Cube Octahedron rings resemble diamonds with their faceted shape but are in fact made of silver or 22K gold.

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