Hot In The Hive: The Lego Cake Mold

by Ida Hsiang • May 14, 2009 6:22 AM PDT
Hot In The Hive: The Lego Cake Mold

LEGOs have been a staple childhood toy for so many generations and they always bring back nostalgic and happy memories for me. What else gives me happiness? Dessert. Now there is a way to combine the two for ultimate fun-time ecstasy with the LEGO Cake/ Jelly mould. Use them like any other cake pan and build cool creations for parties or potlucks! Each mould allows you to make six individual cake treats for a fun and unique portable dessert, or make a few batches and let your creativity go! Make a simple LEGO cake fort, or build an entire castle (just make sure there are friends around to help you eat it)! Add food coloring to the batter to make then look even more like gigantic LEGOs and you, your friends and your kids can all have a delicious and innovative dessert time from your very own kitchen. These moulds are microwave and oven safe and you can use them again and again for only $14.99. The possibilities are truly endless, just like actual LEGOs, and you can take you cake and jelly creations as far as your imagination will take you! Adorn finished desserts with the actual tiny LEGO men-- just be careful not to eat them!

Price: $14.99
Who Found It: idabone was first to add the LEGO Cake/Jelly Mould to the Hive.

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