Hot In The Hive: The BowHaus Designer Dog Crate

by Alex Gambardella • Mar 24, 2009 5:22 AM PDT
Hot In The Hive: The BowHaus Designer Dog Crate

The recent economic turmoil has many of us downgrading to smaller apartments, and in turn desperately trying to make the most out of the limited space in our newly cramped quarters. If your canine companion has also had to suffer with you in your sardine can of a sublet and has been forced to relinquish his beloved comfy crate for the sake of space-saving, the pet-loving decor mavens at DenHaus are here to the rescue to provide your pooch pal a comfy little den while at the same time helping you save room and keep up the chicness of your new pad. The BowHaus dog crate not only serves as a tucked-away little napping place for your pint-sized pup, but with its sleek powder-coated steel design and trendy star-burst detail, it also doubles as an end table, bed-side stand, or for use wherever you see it functioning best! It appeals to both your doggie's desire for his own hideaway and your own need to conserve room and equip your place with some modern decor! Get one for own place at the BowHaus store, where you can even "furnish" the tiny den with a sleeping mat!

Price: $599
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