Hot In The Hive: Bin Bin Wastebasket

by Anna Yu • Sep 18, 2009 6:23 AM PDT
Hot In The Hive: Bin Bin Wastebasket

They say beauty comes from within, so that's why we try to eat fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, and get a good night's sleep every night. So it's no wonder why our hair is naturally shiny, skin is glowing and eyes bright... right? Ok, maybe we could eat better to look better but that can wait after the frenzy of Fashion Week is over. In the meantime, I've decided to take a tiny break from all the fuss about the runway and thinking about my home instead. The Bin Bin Wastebasket is a perfect example of the inside contents looking like the outside! Like the crumpled rough drafts of your next Great American Novel or those pesky credit card bills, this wastebasket looks like a giant piece of crumpled paper. Put this in your office and everyone will know where to throw away the junk mail (instead of leaving it on your desk) or it could be a stylish umbrella catcher on a rainy day. The possibilities are endless with this unique design!

Price: $54
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