Hot Features: Follows + Magazine Feed

by Sabrina Yeung • Oct 19, 2006 10:32 AM PDT

Hot Features: Follows + Magazine Feed

Follow the Leaders and Mix Your Own Magazine in the Hive!

The Stylehive is releasing two new features this week, "follows" and "magazine feed".

To see the new features, go to your My Hive page and click on the tabs labeled "follows" and "magazine".

With the new "follows" features you can easily stay on top of Hive members bookmark recommendations, wishlists and the people they follow for inspiration. The new "follows" features allows you to:

  • Get a daily or weekly email update on the people your follow in the Hive

  • See who is following you

  • See who is submitting the hottest recommendations

  • See who has been posting recently in the Hive

  • Discover new people to follow by checking out whom others follow

In addition, the Hive is releasing the first part of our "mix your own magazine" feature set. The part we are releasing today is a "magazine" RSS feed which is a feed made up of all the bookmark recommendations of all the people you "follow" in the hive.

You can subscribe to your magazine and invite others to subscribe or view your magazine as well off your blog.

Now you can get a constant stream of new shopping recommendations from your personally selected Stylehive trend leaders.

The combination of the new features "follows" and "magazine feed" create a new and fun way to discover "what€™s hot, right now". Check them out and start following people whose style or taste you admire.

Happy Hiving!

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