Home Decor Faves: The StairCASE by Danny Kuo

by fASHLIN • Jul 29, 2010 9:19 AM PDT
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It's no surprise that a dude who lives in a city of 18 million people would appreciate the need to conserve space. Shanghai-based artist Danny Kuo created the StairCASE, a shelving system where the lower shelves double as a pull-out step ladder. This aesthetically savvy storage piece is a bright solution for people with a lot of books. This storage unit has three moving boxes, each of which can easily be pulled out to form a ladder. As a result, you will find reaching items on high shelves are no longer troublesome. A small innovation to be sure, but if you factor in the added storage space, minus any step stool that would otherwise be required (and in the way), this design is priceless. Another smart aspect of the overall design scheme for the StairCASE, is that it allows you to have a much taller bookshelf (the majority top out at roughly six feet to accommodate human height), or functions as a way to reach a lofted area for sleeping or storage. The design allows a tall shelf to take advantage of ceiling heights but remain easily accessible to the €˜vertically challenged€™ among us. As a €˜design junkie€™ with a degree in Interior Design, I love the simple execution of Danny Kuo's concept for the StairCASE-- and the name itself is also quite clever. Here is was the designer himself had to say about his innovative piece:

€œIn the future space becomes more desirable because big apartment buildings are taking over normal 1, 2 or 3 level houses. Building vertically is more efficient because less ground square meters are needed to house people. Therefore focus will be on height rather than width in the future. However current storage furniture is designed for humans with a length of 1.7 or 1.8 meters. Also, our furniture needs to grow in height in order to be more efficient. This StairCASE is an answer to this need. It reaches the ceiling and the top shelves are still easy to reach without getting into awkward positions or getting help from another furniture piece.€�

The initial keywords: space, storage, future. If you haven€™t already sold out to a Kindle, and still require the tactile nature of books in general, welcome to your new and incredibly efficient library! Currently, it is a finished and working prototype, which means that the industrial design itself is currently for sale. I can definitely see IKEA and Design Within Reach vying over who will get the design rights for this newfangled storage meets shelving meets ladder compilation. The winner needs to hurry up and €˜get it on the shelves€™--no pun intended. In a nutshell, the StairCASE is a simple, clever and practical way to save your house, loft, or cramped studio apartment some much needed space, and in turn expand your own overall storage possibilities. The more pivotal question: Do you want it?

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  • RetroGuy

    RetroGuy says

    This is awesome. Perfect for my studio apartment.

    79 months ago