Hive5: Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Survival Kit

by Myriah Zaytoun • May 31, 2007 4:16 PM PDT

Old habits die hard. Falling off the wagon hurts. Second time's the charm.... we're running out of new cliches for Lindsay Lohan! However you phrase it, it's back to rehab for Ms. Linds, this time due to a wrecked Benz, DUI charges, and some hidden (or not so hidden...) cocaine-like substance. And she's not even 21! (Her vodka-sponsored July birthday bash was also quietly nixed today, alas.)

So being the kind and generous souls we are here at Stylehive, we've assembled the tools to give L.Lo a fighting chance to slay her demons once and for all.

Hive5: Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Survival Kit

#1 Adidas by Stella McCartney Hooded Sweatshirt

Kick addictions to the curb. Literally! Working out is a great way to rid the body of bad toxins. In this Stella McCartney for Adidas hooded sweatshirt, Linds can break a sweat, and stay chic. We know how she loves her designer duds. The hoodie will also help her hide from those pesky paparazzi swarming the place!

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Hive5: Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Survival Kit

#2 Rehab Music: Amy Winehouse

While her acting and (cough) "singing" career are on hiatus, Lindsay can enjoy some tunes she can relate to, with Amy Winehouse's new "Rehab" cd. Some of our favorite lyrics are "they tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no... Didn€™t get a lot in class, But I know it don€™t come in a shot glass..." You get the point!

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Hive5: Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Survival Kit

#3 "The Harder They Fall: Celebrities Tell Their Real Life Stories of Addiction and Recovery"

When she's not watching "Puff the Magic Dragon" or "Blow", Linds can catch up on her inspirational reading with a collection of stories of the celebrities that survived the drug-induced decades of the '60s and '70s. "The Harder They Fall", it just seems fitting, doesn't it?

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Hive5: Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Survival Kit

#4 Water Bottle in the Shape of a Whisky Bottle

There's no booze cruise here! This water bottle, shaped like a whiskey bottle may be what it takes to transition Lindsay back into the sober world. Just make sure it's not filled with vodka!

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Hive5: Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Survival Kit

#5 8 Days a Week Planner

Being a celebrity of Lindsay's calibur can be chaotic, to say the least. To help her get back to her zen place, she needs a little organization in her life. Our suggestion? A planner with 8 days; the regular Monday through Sunday, but also a "someday" column.

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What do you think Lindsay needs to survive a second bout of rehab? Tell us in Comments!

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