Celeb Secrets: Nikki Blonsky Shares Fun Fashion Tips (That Don't Involve Hairspray!)

by Sabrina Newman • Jun 6, 2008 12:16 PM PDT
Celeb Secrets: Nikki Blonsky Shares Fun Fashion Tips (That Don't Involve Hairspray!)

I am a die-hard Hairspray fan (if you're ever feeling down, just listen to the final number You Can't Stop the Beat guaranteed to chase the blues away), so meeting Tracy Turnblad herself - the actress Nikki Blonsky - was a thrill. She's infectiously perky, incredibly sweet, wholly confident, and beyond lovable. I caught up with the star at Bravo's first ever A-List Awards, honoring those who have made an indelible mark in the arts, (airing June 12th at 10pm EST). Nikki showed up hand in hand with Project Runway alum Malan Breton, and while Nikki dished on her fashion and beauty secrets, I fought hard to resist the urge to pinch her cheeks because she's just so cute!

Stylehive: What's your best fashion tip?
Nikki Blonsky: I€™ll give you a really good tip that I€™m using tonight and that I hope works for me - double stick tape inside your shoes. You don€™t see it and it keeps your shoes on, hopefully it will when I€™m walking the runway tonight!

Stylehive: Best beauty secret?
NB: In the summer I like to go light, unless I€™m working a red carpet like tonight. But best beauty secret - lip balm! Gotta keep your lips moist, when you€™re on the beach especially. Lucy B has an amazing lemonade flavored lip balm, it€™s AMAZING, they€™re from Australia so if you go, grab a couple!

Stylehive: Who are you wearing?
NB: I€™m wearing Malan Breton, he made it for me and I€™m gonna be walking in the fashion show at the end of the night. All the dresses are made my Project Runway designers and they€™re all gonna be sold for charity.

Stylehive: What are your Can't-Leave-The-House-Without essentials?
NB: My cell phone and a lip gloss. Right now I have Benefit Her Glossiness Lip Balm with me. I usually keep flats in my bag for the after party, but I can€™t wear flats tonight because I€™m walking the runway. It€™s just not allowed!

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