Halloween Costume Inspiration: Anna Wintour

by Sophie Okulick • Oct 26, 2011 8:07 AM PDT

DIY • Fashion

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Anna Wintour

Let your claws come out this Halloween. Your fashion claws that is. Get out a pair of your favorite stilettos and put on that devilish bob for a night that will be hauntingly unforgettable. Be sure to remember your only accessory, a copy of Vogue!
What you'll need:
A. A pair of black oval sunglasses to shield your eyes from the piercing fashion show lights.
B. This famous editor has had a few encounters with PETA..so keep it faux.
C. A watch keeps Ms. Wintour on time for meetings with Carolina or Oscar.
D. She wrote the fashion bible herself: Vogue Magazine
E. The perfect pair of demure pumps
F. A modern skirt for a modern women.

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