Go (Almost) Naked With Shimmery Neutral Nails

by Alex Gambardella • Jul 26, 2011 1:28 PM PDT

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Go (Almost) Naked With Shimmery Neutral Nails

If it wasn't already apparent that nude nail polishes were the new nude pumps (in other words, ridiculously and fabulously on-trend), Kate Middleton really hit the point home by rockin' a creamy beige manicure during her very stylish North American travels.

But let's face it - nail trends have an overwhelmingly quick turnaround rate that even the biggest beauty mavens can hardly keep up with, and we edgy American girls are ready to move on to the next new nail thing! However, we're not ready to completely move on from the sexy neutral look, so we're willing to find a fashion-forward happy medium: shimmery nude polishes!

With a similar barely-there look but with a little extra va-va-voom, the nude polish trend takes things a step further with sun-reflective shimmer that ranges from subtle to shiny and chunky. If skin-tone polishes were a little too safe for you, these amped-up shimmery and glittery versions are bound to suit your fancy!

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