GIVEAWAY! Bring The Exoticism of Bali To Your Wardrobe!

by Ida Hsiang • Jul 19, 2011 11:29 AM PDT

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GIVEAWAY! Bring The Exoticism of Bali To Your Wardrobe!

Beautiful intricate designs that give back to the community. There's nothing better than that!

Gadogado, started by designer Belinda Kazanci, has an origin as interesting and exotic as it's name. A childhood in Instanbul surrounded her with lush and gorgeous textiles, as well as a family of women that understood the value of both textiles and clothes-making.

Then, inspiration hit and Gadogado was born during a trip to the magical island of Bali. Gadogado is all about unique prints and versatile styles as well as hand finished embellishments and details. Done by hand by local craftsmen, Gadogado designs are able to remain authentic while giving locals the opportunity to show their skills while still caring for their families.

Gadogado is also extremely conscious of the environment and believes in using recycled materials and producing minimal waste. Plus, they're in the works of partnering up with a non-profit orginization that helps women in third world countries to start their own businesses and to be self sufficient.

Enter this easy giveaway for the beautiful dress below by answering this question -

Where is your dream vacation destination?

Tell us in 'Comments' below!

And something special for our Hivers! Get 20% site wide at Gadogado! Just use the code - Stylehive20!

GIVEAWAY! Bring The Exoticism of Bali To Your Wardrobe!

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  • MaralAnnie

    MaralAnnie says

    Santorini, Greece!! :]

    68 months ago

  • Ekoorb615

    Ekoorb615 says

    Anywhere that's warm, sunny, and beautiful! But I've always wanted to go to Hawaii!

    68 months ago

  • oldfashion

    oldfashion says

    :x Love It!

    68 months ago

  • huggie0109

    huggie0109 says

    My dream vacation destination is Rome Italy.. hope I can finally find the love of my life there LOL =)

    68 months ago

  • melynn02 says

    My dream vacation is in Costa Rica! I am fortunate enough that I will be traveling there for my honeymoon with the love of my life! I am looking forward to hiking the rainforest, meeting the locals, and just experience the whole eco-adventure. This piece would be perfect for a romantic dinner between the two of us looking over the Arenal Volcano! :x Love It!

    68 months ago

  • queenbee says

    I am DYING to go to Hong Kong! Never seen it before...really want to!

    68 months ago

  • darlakbrown says

    My friend just returned from Fiji and it sounds amazing. I've never been. B-) Cool But I also hope to make it to Machu Picchu and India.

    68 months ago

  • Jesusismygrace

    Jesusismygrace says

    My dream vacation is a week cruising around Greece and Italy, they can use the money as well. I would wear that dress everyday

    68 months ago

  • amandakidd says

    Le Meridien Bora Bora: beach bungalows with the front steps leading right into the aqua water.

    68 months ago

  • FashionAddiction says

    My dream vacation is either Seoul, Korea, or Paris, France! I would love to go to these places one day! It would literally be a DREAM! (:

    68 months ago

  • maykan

    maykan says

    This dress is GORGGG!!! Thanks for the chance to win it! My dream vacation destination is the Taj Mahal, can't get over the exotic splendor that is India =) xoxo San (@SS_Dal on Twitter)

    68 months ago

  • jeliric says

    I always wanted to tour down the Mediterranean Sea, stop to visit in Morocco, then get lost in Madrid! Your only clue of where to find me is great Spanish cuisine!

    68 months ago