Get Rock Star Hair With A Glam Giveaway From Badass Hair And Stylist Scott Fontana!

by Alex Gambardella • Feb 9, 2009 9:25 AM PST
Get Rock Star Hair With A Glam Giveaway From Badass Hair And Stylist Scott Fontana!

As much as I'd love to have the privilege of referring to my hair in its natural state as "badass," frankly it's much closer to "bush woman" or "rats' nest" than it is to "rock star." The truth is (and I know I'm not alone here), my coif requires a whole lot of coaxing from products, brushes, and irons before it can even dream of entering the rocker-chick realm! And unfortunately, that heavy-duty level of tress-stressing really does wonders when it comes to damaging the heck out of hair, especially with all the harsh heating, teasing, and chemicals galore, and in the long run only makes it increasingly difficult to deal with! Well, my high-maintenance-maned amigas, hair stylist Scott Fontana has answered our prayers with his kick-butt line of VIP-worthy products, appropriately named Badass Hair. With its no-BS approach, Badass Hair provides powerful products with simplistic ingredients that get the job done (and tell you exactly what that job is right on the bottle, eliminating the need to attack your mane with 902932 different products at once). With clever names like "Up All Night" Volume Mist and "Give Me A Stiffy" Gel, these frizz-tackling tools aim to give you rock-glam hair without being forced to rough it up.
Read on for our interview with Badass stylist and founder Scott Fontana, then scroll down to get the details on the giveaway! Also, don't forget to check out the slideshow to see more of Scott's own favorite products!

Stylehive: What led you to become a hairstylist and eventually develop your own line?

Scott: My whole family is made up of hairdressers. When I was 16 years old my father asked me if I wanted to drop out of high school and enroll into beauty school -- I said yes. What eventually led me to develop my own line was the passion I have always had for teaching. In 2006 I started developing an educational program for stylist and students. As I was doing this I needed a product line to work with. After interviewing with other product companies I could not get what I wanted from one company, so I decided to develop my own. Besides I was sick and tired promoting other peoples' names and product. I'm tired of dealing with these mammoth corporations that don't care about us.

Stylehive: What makes Badass Hair different from other salon-quality products?

Scott: It's simplicity. I didn't travel to the center of the earth to find that one breakthrough ingredient. I used what works for me and my clients. We use very simple ingredients that work -- that repair and restore hair back to make it feel like hair did when we were young before we all started messing around with chemicals. Also I make it very clear on the bottles, without a bunch of jargon, what the product is for and how it works. Also it's made in the USA. I will never outsource outside of the United States. The last thing I have to say is... it's Bad Ass!

Stylehive: Know any quick fixes that'll turn bad hair days into Badass hair days?

Scott: You know, it really depends on what kind of bad hair day you are having. Is you hair going flat? Is your curl falling straight? Is it getting frizzy from humidity? One option is to flip your head upside down and spray the shit out of it with Locked Up Firm Holding Spray and look like a rock star.

Stylehive: What are some of your must-have hair products?

Scott: Ultimate Moisturizing Cleansing Cream, Vanilla Ocean Intense Luxury Deep Treatment, Spray In Condition, Up All Night Volume Mist, Light It Up Alcohol & Oil Free Spray Shine, I Hate Frizz Frizz Eliminator... just to name a few. We have so many great products - 29 to be exact. All of our products do something different, so it really depends on your hair and style type.

Stylehive: With Valentine's Day fast approaching, what are your tips and tricks for getting V-Day-perfect hair?
Scott: Usually sexy wavy hair would be great for V-Day, so I would wash the hair with Silky Sweet Shampoo and condition with Silky Sweet Conditioner. Use Spray In Condition and comb through. Next, spray Up All Night at the roots and use The Extreme throughout the rest of the hair. These two products will help build volume and add thickness to the hair as well as keep it smooth and shiny-looking. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, work with what you have. Maybe use a diffuser or just lightly blow-dry using your hands. With straight hair, you will want to use a flat iron that actually curls your hair. It's a different look than a regular curling iron, and not all flat irons do this. Do this on the entire head and finish off by running you fingers through the curls just to loosen them a little. Spray some Light It Up Spray shine over the top and finish with Free Working Spray. You don't want to use a bunch of product for the finish -- you still want your hair to bounce and feel free.

Stylehive: I'll admit, it's pretty hard to go back to drugstore shampoo after using salon-quality hair products. Any product recommendations for those of us who are on a drugstore shampoo budget?
Scott: There are so many drugstore products -- you just have to find one that works for you and your hair type. With all the diversion these days you can find salon-quality products in the drugstores at drugstore prices.

Stylehive: We hear there are Badass Baby and Makeup lines coming soon- what's next for you?
Scott: Well, we have a lot of irons in the fire. I think the next thing for us will be Badass Baby Care, due out in the next 2 months. Yes, we are also working on Badass Makeup and Badass Skin, as well as our own jewelry line. By the end of this year we should also have our first Badass Hair Boutique store opened.

***Want to win a bag full of Badass Hair goodies, including Free Working Spray, Light It Up Spray Shine, Spray In Condition, Silky Sweet Shampoo and Condition, The Extreme Thickening Spray, and Up All Night Spray?

To enter, tell us IN COMMENTS:

Which celeb's hairstyle do you think is the most badass, and why?

Best answer and reason wins! We'll pick a winner on Friday. Good luck!

Shopping tip: Badass Hair Products are available for purchase through their online store,!

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  • auntiethesis says

    I've always loved Julia Roberts' hair (except that awful cut/color as Tinkerbell which makes me cringe, she looked like a radiation victim). She's worn it so many different ways but my favorite is when it's long with a mass of wavy curls parted to the side, like in "Pretty Woman" and "Runaway Bride". It's so thick yet versatile. I can't decide whether I like it that chestnut color or the darker brown color she sometimes wears because both look good on her. Even when she straightens it and wears it in a matronly bun, you can still tell how sexy that hair is when she lets it down. Even when she went lighter and shorter in "Stepmom" her hair was beautiful and healthy. She even looks good in those badass bangs she had in "Mary Reilly". I covet Julia Roberts hair.

    98 months ago

  • phaelun

    phaelun says

    Eva Longoria-Parker has a ^^ Hot! badass hair. her hairstyle always look so sexy for her.

    98 months ago

  • faithschroeder says

    PINK! Can anyone else rock peroxide mohawks, spiky fushia bobs, and harley black locks? Plus she's got the bad girl attitude to match. Gotta love her, her punk style is here to stay!

    98 months ago

  • dovechocolate1722 says

    I have to say Reese Witherspoon has hair that makes us all seethe with envy-don't we all wish we could pull off some of her looks? She can rock any style and carry it with sexy sophistication!

    98 months ago

  • Redsnoopy1977

    Redsnoopy1977 says

    I have to say Jessica Simpson, I LOVE her long golden bouncy waves and healthy/shiny hair its just beautiful. I wish i could wake up with hair like that lol. I dont think she ever has bad hair days!

    98 months ago

  • deedreamer

    deedreamer says

    I think Taylor Swift has the best badass hairstyle. It seems that no matter how she wears it, it looks great on her. Even when she sports the just out of bed look, she looks hot^^ Hot! When rocking out on stage she shakes her head and throws her hair around but somehow it never looks messed up or bad- just badass!!!!!

    98 months ago

  • fashionsweetheart

    fashionsweetheart says

    I think Rihanna does Badass hair best, particularly since she left her long caramel curls behind. Her black bob was asymetrically edgy and her current spiky look oozes style and polish. She's got the put-together-rock look down.

    98 months ago

  • FancySnark says

    Rachel McAdams -- not that her hair is styled in any particularly badass way -- its just that she looks totally different depending on the style and color. That's what I want with my hair products -- to re-invent.

    98 months ago

  • katygmorris says

    Right now I'm loving Gwenyth Paltrow's cut. I think it looks just fab shorter like that. I'm on the fence about getting a more "ready-to-wear" version of it myself! Thanks for the fun, fun, fun giveaway!!!

    98 months ago

  • amycroley says

    Has to be Victoria Beckham. Love her or hate her, you have to give her props for making trendsetting hair look sexy and effortless. Her POB was recreated by hairstylists all over the nation. And her new pixie cut is sexy and confident, proving that you dont have to have long hair to look feminine.

    98 months ago