Get Edgy With The Diesel Home Collection

by Anna Yu • Sep 25, 2009 2:24 PM PDT

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Get Edgy With The Diesel Home Collection

Diesel may be best known for their fabulous jeans, but it looks like they expanding their empire into home decor too. In particular, their home textile collection caught my eye. From eye-catching sheets, studded towels (whoa), and not your grandma's sofa covers, they definitely don't like like something you bought from Martha Stewart! The clever tromp l'oeil prints are super realistic and give the illusion that the pillow are tufted, and the sheets appear rumpled. You may have to explain to your parents that you did make your bed when they visit and I'm having a hard time imagining how I'd use a studded towel to dry myself off... but hey, at least it all looks cool! I can imagine die hard Diesel fans, rock stars, and edgy home decorators like Kelly Wearstler gravitating towards this collection. Available in select Diesel stores and other boutiques, check out their collection in my slideshow!

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  • BlueTransfers says

    I dig Diesel clothing, but I don't get this. I can buy pillows, towels, and bed covers with all of the real features they are giving the illusion of through print for half the price. It is like paying twice as much for something that cost half as much to produce and looks 3 times as tacky. --BT Film to DVD

    91 months ago