Fun And Funky Sneakers, Not Just For The Gym!

by Alex Gambardella • Jan 22, 2009 9:19 AM PST

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Fun And Funky Sneakers, Not Just For The Gym!

If you take after Carrie Bradshaw and a part of you dies every time you slip off your stilettos, force yourself to give those 4-inch heels a rest! It's time to embrace a more comfy, funky, fresh kind of footwear that you may have previously kept banished to your closet, except for those rare occasions when you'd actually muster up the motivation to hit the gym. With upscale urban trendsetters like Creative Recreation, high-quality imports like Superga, and updated embellished versions of old favorites like Converse, today's hippest sneakers make a strong case against any stigma against them! And with the right accessories, like a cool coordinating scarf, you can easily turn your casual look from frumpy to fly - and still stay comfortable! Check out more sweet sneaker finds in the slideshow - from wild stand-out colors to subtle pastel patterns, there's a hue, height, and shape to satisfy anyone's athletic shoe appetite! You'll think twice about subjecting these sneaks to scuffs by only wearing them for a work-out. Click the slideshow and see these sneaks for yourself!

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