Fashion Rewind: Get 1920's Style With 2008 Designers

by Sabrina Newman • Jan 23, 2008 10:16 AM PST
Fashion Rewind: Get 1920's Style With 2008 Designers

By now, we are all aware of the cyclical nature of fashion, whereby all fads, no matter how cringe-inducing, are inevitably brought back from the dead. The 20€™s was a profound period in fashion, evidenced by the fact that we just can€™t seem to part with all the snazzy fashions that defined this €˜roaring€™ decade. Once the whole women€™s lib thing got underway, there was no turning back. Hemlines rose, androgyny took charge, and women everywhere took in a deep breath - literally- as they unlaced their corsets in favor of looser silhouettes.

And of course there was the Flapper look - aka the anti-corset - a loosely cut, waist-less, bust-less, and totally hot style that revolutionized the way women dressed.

The cloche hats, the beautiful embroidery, the boas, the feathers, the pearls, the fabulous headbands - I don€™t know about you, but I€™m pretty thankful that the styles of the 20€™s are still roaring.

Get The 1920s Look

3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Organza Headband, $135
Eric Javits Chenille Tweed Cloche, $290
Alberta Ferretti Red Silk Chiffon Dress $1,495
Majorica Pearl Necklace, $395
Surell Accessories Fox Stole Fox stole, $595
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Beaded Dress $1,695

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