How Posh Spice's Bob Invaded Hollywood (And Why You're Next!)

by JETSET3000 • Jan 2, 2008 1:29 PM PST
How Posh Spice's Bob Invaded Hollywood (And Why You're Next!)

007 proved to be the year of the Posh-bot, with A-Z list celebs mimicking her now infamous pob, which Posh concocted all by her lonesome. The Spicester did it by combining a graduated bob with textured layers in front, and voila now she is today's Jennifer Aniston! How did it all happen? Let€™s travel back in time and DNA-map the pob cloning.

The first time a pob reared its head on a head other than Mrs. David Beckham was on Mrs. Tom Cruise back in June, when the two were bosom buddies in Paris for last season€™s shows. Fine. Then came Rihanna. Okay, pob gaining traction. When celebutants Paris Hilton and Kim Stewart ditched their scraggly, long extensions in favor of the angular bob, the pob had officially arrived!

But what makes the pob special? For one, it adds character and dimension to the face where many other short dos don€™t. Its also customizable in that you can define practically every aspect of the cut, from which side you would like short or where you want the angles to begin. Third, its particularly good when you want to make the transfer from long, thin hair because it this cut adds ever-desirable volume and layers.

So click to the slideshow of our favorite pobby stars and consider the cut for yourself for 2008.

Don't fight the pob! You are powerless in its snare.

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