Enter The "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" PASSION FOR FASHION Online Giveaway!

by Lisanne Silverman • Jan 19, 2009 9:12 AM PST
Enter The "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" PASSION FOR FASHION Online Giveaway!

Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic" books were a permanent fixture on my nightstand for quite some time, so to say I'm excited for the February 13th release of the Confessions Of A Shopaholic movie (starring the oh-so-adorable Isla Fisher- remember her in Wedding Crashers?) is a complete understatement! To celebrate, we're bringing you the Confessions Of A Shopaholic- PASSION FOR FASHION Giveaway, and this is one that you definitely won't want to miss.

In case you didn't know, "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" takes fashionable heroine Rebecca Bloomwood (Fisher) out of her native London and plants her in New York City, where the only thing soaring higher than her journalism career is her shopping-induced credit card debt. And if you thought reading about that was fun, well... imagine seeing all of the designer duds and drama unfold on the big screen!

Wish you could live vicariously through Becky Bloomwood's compulsive spending, minus the whole debt part? Read on to see the contest and prize info and find out how you can enter to win, and who knows- maybe your wish will come true!

One winner will receive a Nokia Supernova 7510 phone. Another winner will receive a $300 gift certificate for Paige Premium Denim (valid online only).

Enter The "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" PASSION FOR FASHION Online Giveaway!

Interested? To be entered to win, tell us IN COMMENTS:

Hypothetically speaking of course, what one dream fashion item would you be willing to go into debt over?

We'll pick TWO winners on Friday, January 23rd. Good luck!

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  • deedreamer

    deedreamer says

    I would go into debt for a Vera Wang wedding dress!!! I have dreamed about my wedding ever since I was a little girl and I really hope I can fall in love and have it become a reality. I want the princess wedding with the gown to match. If I find the right guy I will need the right dress. I would love to wear a Vera Wand dress on my wedding day even if it cost me loans to pay off!

    99 months ago

  • stylorita

    stylorita says

    Three Words: Balmain. Leather. Jacket. That's all there is to say, really. ^^ Hot!

    99 months ago

  • catswig

    catswig says

    Without a doubt, the classic Channel 2.55 flap bag. The most effortlessly stylish purse a girl could carry!!

    99 months ago

  • sailorpikaangel

    sailorpikaangel says

    I am loving the new Louis Vuitton shopper monogram etoile and the Mahina L! I wish I could afford both but until I get out of school, I can only dream!

    99 months ago

  • ashkinzy

    ashkinzy says

    I would absolutely go into debt for the perfect pair of black Manolo Blahnik pumps. The kind of shoes that would be beautiful with every style, in every decade, for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I would definitely go into debt to get a pair!

    99 months ago

  • pmshaw

    pmshaw says

    I would go into debt to get my mother a Vuitton handbag. She really wants a monogram Epi bag, and I wish I could get it for her.

    99 months ago

  • carogonza

    carogonza says

    I would go into debt for a pair of manolo shoes. Absolutely

    99 months ago

  • septemberlovely

    septemberlovely says

    A Chloe Heloise Python East-West Satchel. Most definitely worth going into debt...

    99 months ago


    ZARAKNOX says

    Christian Louboutin Babel High Boots and a Fendi Brown Chain Bag! Aaaah..... heavenly!!

    99 months ago

  • HipMomEB says

    Laboutin or Bryan Atwood peep-toe platform pumps. The hottest shoes ever. The shoes you want to wear even when you sleep. Definitely worth going into debt over ;) Winking

    99 months ago

  • MalsAU

    MalsAU says

    Undoubtedly Christian Louboutin's new simple pumps. My first real paycheck will be contributing towards those because who REALLY needs to pay rent?!

    99 months ago

  • katheel

    katheel says

    Easy, a Birkin.

    99 months ago

  • mitanari

    mitanari says

    A Balenciaga work bag

    99 months ago

  • Califragilistic

    Califragilistic says

    My dream fashion item is a Hermes Birkin handbag! I would be in debt for a long time! ;) Winking

    99 months ago

  • zoecat

    zoecat says

    There is a gorgeous teal Alessandro Dell'Acqua bag that could put me in ecstasy and debt!!

    99 months ago

  • SweetEscape

    SweetEscape says

    A Marni felt hat.

    99 months ago

  • kavazavut

    kavazavut says

    Burberry Crepe Skirt Trench...Debt here I come!

    99 months ago

  • butterflyrouge

    butterflyrouge says

    Louboutins, any of them...

    99 months ago

  • calypso33

    calypso33 says

    Versace Croc Stamped Kiss bag|-D Beautiful

    99 months ago

  • crabbybaby says

    i am in debt!! indebted to my dreams of st john's couture. anything in st. john's couture.

    99 months ago

  • lamarthe

    lamarthe says

    a ysl muse 2 in croc embossed leather or a ysl muse crocodile bag!!;) Winking

    99 months ago

  • sydsing

    sydsing says

    I'd almost sell my soul for a pair of Christian Louboutin's sexy stilettos - hypothetically speaking!

    99 months ago

  • seduisante

    seduisante says

    I have always longed for a Kelly bag (Grace Kelly is my idol). If I went in huge debt for one item it would definitely be it!:x Love It!

    99 months ago

  • Cleverindie says

    It's small, gray and blue, and fits in any purse.... It's my health insurance card. It may not be pretty, but without it there would be no opportunity to even find an amazing bag to put it in, or an outfit for the bag to compliment, or shoes.... Or jewelry.... So, while it may not be thrilling, it is my most essential fashion accessory. It really does go with everything.

    99 months ago

  • Cleverindie says

    (and I am going into debt for it! It costs $18000/year!)

    99 months ago

  • samanthajo says

    The one thing that I’ve always wanted was an amazing ring when I get married  It’s one of the most important and scarred bound that two people can have together- so I know this might sound lame- I want a ROCK on my finger. EVEN if I had to pay my own money (haha, hopefully not!) I’ve always love hearts- I get it from my mother- it’s the only thing that’s on her jewelry. I’ve also always wanted it to be from Tiffanys. You betcha I take a look at that site on the reg! The ring I want is a 2 carat heart diamond ring. I mean no big deal, were talking about 28,000 $ I debut, but I’ll get to look at it everyday (it’s never out of season!) :x Love It!

    99 months ago

  • faithschroeder says

    Bags can wear out, shoes can get scuffed But diamonds...one can never have enough A stunning necklace to be handed down someday The Secrets de Boudoir necklace by Cartier

    99 months ago

  • faithschroeder says

    (poem above, the returns after each line don't appear here...:)

    99 months ago

  • WlknDisaster

    WlknDisaster says

    There's a gorgeous little D&G dress that I would totally go into debt for, but if I did have to go into debt, I'd pick something that I could get more use out of, like a Birkin bag. Yeah, even my fantasy scenarios are somewhat practical...sigh!

    99 months ago

  • Kewpiekick

    Kewpiekick says

    My dream item is a red FENDI trench jacket!! Red and smoking!! ^^ Hot! ^^ Hot! ^^ Hot!

    99 months ago

  • krissygrl84

    krissygrl84 says

    My dream item is a Chanel classic quilted bag. Maybe one day I'll be able to look in my closet and see those interlocking Chanel c's....

    99 months ago

  • hollyollyberry

    hollyollyberry says

    My dream purchase are Versace thigh high boots, the one with all the buckles, in gray!

    99 months ago

  • missearn

    missearn says

    My dream purchase is Chanel J12 watch in black with diamond bezel and pavement.

    99 months ago

  • sandy3

    sandy3 says

    An azzedine alaia dress! (and supermodel legs to match, of course) Or maybe perhaps a narwhal scepter? Like the one Queen Elizabeth bought for ten thousand pounds?

    99 months ago

  • beforethehype

    beforethehype says

    A Cartier ring. Specifically the Lanières. Pink gold & diamonds? It does not get anymore fashionable than that!

    99 months ago

  • purplemonkeyshopgirl

    purplemonkeyshopgirl says

    I'm passionately in love with the studded heel Gucci booties from last season. Those shoes were serious showstoppers. I mean they were everywhere..in magazines, on celebs, and all over the fashion blogosphere. They were everywhere except the one place they should have been...MY FEET. Trust me, if I got those shoes, I would rock them til the heels fell off. Debt never looked so good.

    99 months ago

  • milisto says

    hey i ll go on debt for a pair of paige premium denins,m jus in love with jeans

    99 months ago

  • bisbol

    bisbol says

    i'm in love with jeans i don't mind going in debt

    99 months ago

  • andrea1970 says

    i would just like to win a nice shopping spree,i am getting married on may 8th for the first time im 38 and i cant afford to buy a thing!!1:) Smiling |-D Beautiful

    99 months ago