Doodle Prints For Spring Are Fun & Chic, Not Childish!

by Alex Gambardella • Mar 25, 2010 9:37 AM PDT

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Doodle Prints For Spring Are Fun & Chic, Not Childish!

While most modern prints that have been making waves on the latest runways tend to be a little more elaborate than the haphazard scribbles in the margins of your notebook, the latest trend puts a whole new stylish spin on scrawling! Doodle prints add a dose of playfulness to your wardrobe and have a unique way of juxtaposing carefree whimsy and the more upscale aesthetic associated with designer fashion. From DKNY's "Big Scribble" collection to Loeffler Randall's scribble shorts, freehand doodles and scribbles are making their way from the page (and the preschool walls) to the racks! You know what they say -- one person's sidewalk chalk masterpiece is another person's silk blouse! Okay, so maybe no one ever said that officially, but you just might adopt that mantra after seeing these prints! Take a look at the slideshow for a selection of my favorite doodle-print pieces!

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