DIY Accessory - Wire Wrapped Ring

by Sophie Okulick • Dec 9, 2010 4:34 PM PST

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DIY Accessory - Wire Wrapped Ring

Here is a great idea for accessorizing your holiday look with a unique stone ring made by whom other then €¦ you! These wire wrapped rings can easily be purchased at high-end boutiques for well over $100 dollars but why waste your money when you can customize your own pieces and become a designer without going to fashion school?

Nothing feels better then wearing a wire wrapped jewelry piece knowing that you made it. It might seem a little complicated it's not! Follow the easy steps to make this stunning turquoise ring for yourself!

Materials -

- 2 ft of 22 gauge metal, silver, or gold wire,
- 1 Semi- precious stone bead of your choice,
- A ring mandrel €“ used to form rings of your desired size
- Wire cutter
- Flat nose pliers
- A good grip.

Follow these easy steps -

- Begin by wrapping one end of the wire around the Mandrel four times.

- Keeping the wire band wrapped tightly around the ring form, string the bead through the long end of the wire and wrap it three times tightly around the 4-layered band, at the end closest to the beads hole.

- Continue to wrap the wire four times beneath the stone, around the wire going through the bead. This will create a platform where the stone will sit.

- Then, again tightly wrap the wire three times around the 4 -layered band closest the beads hole.

- Finish by cutting the end of the wire and pushing it flat with your pliers so that it doesn€™t poke you

By the time you master this wire craft your hands will be blinging and you€™ll be in the market for a new jewelry box. With a little extra free time over the holiday break, explore you inner artist with this DIY idea!

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  • Poptarts says

    thanx 4 the diy tips ;) Winking i love saving money! *8) Great Find

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