DIY - The Perfect Red Pout

by Sophie Okulick • Jun 16, 2011 1:37 PM PDT

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DIY - The Perfect Red Pout

Turn the AC up because it's about to get red hot up in here!

Hollywood's hottest who rock it best - Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Gwen Stefani - have all inspired us to go red!

This week's DIY shows you how to get the perfect red lips. With a few items you probably already have in your makeup bag, this method guarantees the perfect long lasting, kissable lips.

The key to this look is not to over do it. With such bold lips, keep the rest of your makeup neutral and soft.

What You'll need-

-Sugar Lip Scrub- to exfoliate your lips
-Lip Liner
-Red Lipstick (we used M.A.C's Ruby Woo).

Step 1 - First, exfoliate your lips by applying the Sugar Lip Scrub for about 1 minute and removing with a damp towel. This will remove and dry skin and leave you lips soft and even.

Step 2 - Apply a light layer of concealer to your lips. This will give them a matte, dry finish and allow your color to adhere and remain the truest and brightest.

Step 3 - Carefully apply lip liner from the outside edge of your lips, being sure to give a little extra attention to the bow of your upper lip.

Step 4 - Apply red lipstick to your lips, filling in the corners of your mouth with the lip liner.

Step 5 - Blot!

DIY - The Perfect Red Pout

DIY - The Perfect Red Pout

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