DIY Leopard Print Short Shorts

by Sophie Okulick • Apr 12, 2012 7:16 AM PDT


DIY Leopard Print Short Shorts

Everyone has a few spare pairs of shorts laying around. So we went ahead and revamped the classic cut offs with a pop of leopard. What better way to enhance your Coachella wardrobe than with some roaring basics.

What you'll need:
Shorts (We bought a peach pair from BCBG Generation)
X-Acto knife
Leopard print stencil, which we printed HERE
Fabric pen

Step 1 - Print and cut out leopard stencil with an X-Acto knife.

Step 2 - Place a piece of cardboard inside your shorts to prevent them from moving and keep them on a flat surface. Then trace the outlines of the leopard print with your fabric pen.

Step 3 - Fill in each traced leopard spot until entire surface is covered.
DIY Leopard Print Short Shorts

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