DIY Accessory - Geometric Jewelry

by Sophie Okulick • Jul 28, 2011 4:45 PM PDT

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DIY Accessory - Geometric Jewelry

Modern jewelry trends are taking a style note from ancient civilizations. Bib necklaces, cuffs and modern earrings are starting to resemble hieroglyphics or something out of Cleopatra's jewelry box.

As we've learned from designs by House of Harlow, Eddie Borgo, and Missoni, wearing a statement piece of jewelry isn't all that complicated. That's why we're showing you how to do it yourself.

Take some inspiration from your ancestors or the runway to create a one of a kind necklace.

You'll discover beauty in the simplicity of this inspired-by-the-ancients DIY project.

What you'll need-

-Long tubular beads about 1.5 " long
-Jump rings
-Eye pins
-12 inches of chain

Step 1 - Lay out your beads in the geometric pattern you desire,the possibilities are endless.

Step 2 - String one eye pin through each bead making a loop hole at the end with your pliers.

Step 3 - Using your pliers attach the beads to one another to create a triangle pattern.

Step 4 - Attach your chain to the geometric design with your pliers, jump rings and clasp.

DIY Accessory - Geometric Jewelry

DIY Accessory - Geometric Jewelry

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