Decorating On The Cheap With!

by Pauline Montupet • Mar 15, 2009 9:18 AM PDT

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Decorating On The Cheap With!

Hanging wallpaper in your apartment or house can be a great way to update your stale decor. But who wants the hassle of dealing with the glue, roller and high-priced papers? Save your money and time by using self-adhesive decals to spiff up your pad. The self-proclaimed €œdesign geeks€� at have a stock of hundreds of designs to stick on walls, ceilings, mirrors, doors and furniture! Pretend you€™re a super hero with larger than life fight noises and word bubbles, or use pretty feminine vine decals for above the couch or bed. Wall graphics are a great modern alternative to paint, wallpaper and posters-- that take about half the time. They're super easy to apply: just remove the decal's backing, smooth it onto the wall, and remove the top coating of clear transfer tape. Bored of your chosen design? You can remove our decals by simply peeling them off the wall without any damage! (The same can't be said about wall paper!) Wall decals range in price, size and awesomeness, and are available at

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