Daily Obsesh: Sparkling Bootie

by PatriciaPatricia • Oct 17, 2012 11:30 AM PDT
Daily Obsesh: Sparkling Bootie

Looking for some definitive ways to glamour up your dressy outfit? Our favorite hot item to take with you for classy night outs and cocktail parties this fall is this sparkly ankle strap bootie from B Brian Atwood. You can taste a little bit of different 2012 fall trends in this upscale item: from metallic, glitters, and to the rich mix of deep dark colors. Silver and black on this sparkly canvas exudes a nice trendy feel to this daring bootie. Cute peep-toe detail adds to the edgy effect along with the ankle strap that gives the similar allure of a strappy sandal. It will complement your feet perfectly with an enchanting cocktail dress or any elegantly fashionable outfit. Flattering party-perfect shoes!

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