Daily Obsesh - Sheet Music Paperweight

by Lisa Topiol • Jun 2, 2011 9:27 AM PDT

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Daily Obsesh - Sheet Music Paperweight

For any of you music geeks out there, or fans of the unusual ... we've come across this awesome paperweight that's bound to amaze you!

This Sheet Music Paperweight by Tibor Kalman embodies all the frustrations that go into creating a masterpiece. It's a three-dimensional paperweight shaped like a crumpled up music sheet and looks great as a centerpiece on your coffee table, an accent on your end table, a plain-ole paperweight, or even to hold your keys and some loose change!

So, if you've got any music buffs in your life (maybe dad for Father's Day? Hint hint) then this creative gift is bound to impress! This paperweight gets a "bravo" from us!

Where to Buy - Moma Store

Price - $28.00

Who Found It - LTopiol was the first to add the 'Music Sheet Paperweight

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