Daily Obsesh - Pocket Change Tray

by Susan Yara • May 26, 2011 9:50 AM PDT
Daily Obsesh - Pocket Change Tray

There's nothing better than finding a couple of bucks in your pockets when you put on a pair of pants or a jacket. It's like an added bonus to start your day (or evening if you're headed out late).

But, what if you could remember what you had in your pockets by simply emptying them out each day? Wouldn't that be better? We know, we know ... then you wouldn't get that surprise stash every once in awhile.

But here's the thing, you could always find delight in how much money you collect over time in your funky little pocket change tray. The surprise would be that 20 bucks you accrue in just two weeks (who knew pennies could amount to so much?). Now wouldn't that be nice?

Where to Buy - FishsEddy.com

Price - $4.95

Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Pocket Change Tray' to the Hive.

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