Daily Obsesh - Paper Airplanes Necklace

by Ida Hsiang • Oct 19, 2010 11:32 AM PDT
Daily Obsesh - Paper Airplanes Necklace

There's nothing better than turning childhood nostalgia into a cool fashion piece. Remember those paper airplanes that used to get you reprimanded in elementary school? Well, now you don't need to hide them anymore! What used to get you sent to the principal's office now has onlookers craning their heads for a second look.

This Paper Airplanes necklace features three small 'paper plane' pendants finished in a gold metal and dangling at varying lengths from a delicate chain. It's feminine with just the right touch of whimsy and fun, allowing the kid in you to come forth and show off your childhood rebellion in a stylish way.

Plus, despite it's quirky vibe, this jewelry piece is versatile enough to accessorize jeans and a tee, or as a subtle statement piece for a sleek mini!

Where to Buy - FredFlare

Price - $68.00

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  • oldfashion

    oldfashion says

    This is very cool. What a good idea.=)) Hilarious

    78 months ago