Daily Obsesh - Navajo Print Scarf

by Ida Hsiang • Jun 23, 2011 10:23 AM PDT
Daily Obsesh - Navajo Print Scarf

DKNY and Theodora & Callum both came out with a Navajo print scarf recently and while we love the tribal inspired design and the vibrant colors ... we're not too sure about shelling over a couple hundred dollars for this accessory.

Especially not when our fave trendy boutique, Forever21, is offering a lightweight version that's perfect for summer for less than $7! The semi-sheer, lightweight material makes it just right to add a little color to these warm, sunny days ... and speaking of color, this Navajo print scarf comes in a variety of classic and vibrant hues. We're loving the coral version!

Where to Buy - Forever21

Price - $6.50

Who Found It - Idabone was the first to add the 'Navajo Print Scarf' to the Hive.

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