Daily Obsesh - Love & Toast Mini Perfumes

by Melisa Verrecchia • Sep 30, 2010 11:49 AM PDT

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Daily Obsesh - Love & Toast Mini Perfumes

Big things sure do come in small packages, especially with Love & Toast mini perfumes! These teeny little glass bottles are filled with sweetly scented potions that will have you smelling your finest. With three luscious scents, a little dab goes a long way. Pick one that fits your personality €¦ or all three and layer for a customizable scent unique to you!

The first, for a rather sweet disposition, is Honey Coconut. It€™s a mixture of honey, vanilla and violet sandalwood. I imagine it to be the perfect scent for the true beach girl and just the right note for the nape of your neck at the end of a long day laying in the sand and swimming in the sea.

Or, for your slightly sexier side: Sugar Grapefruit. With its' notes of sassy notes of citrus and musk, it's surely worth a spritz or two just before you meet with friends for a girls-night-out! It has just enough kick to get the boys to notice you as you float past them at the bar, cocktail in hand. Slip away to the loo for a mid-night dab and your second drink will surely be at the expense of someone other than you!

My personal fave, for that mysterious side we all have, Paper Flower. With a waterlily, rose, dew-berry, and ylang- ylang base, this perfume could very well be called a love potion. Splash on a little for a first date and you€™ll leave him guessing all night!

Love & Toast mini perfumes are the perfect gift for a friend, a great party favor for birthdays and bachelorette bashes and even stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays. Cheap and sweet! Oh, the scent of a woman €¦

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Price - $12.00

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