Daily Obsesh - Leather Festival Purse

by Ida Hsiang • Jul 18, 2011 11:23 AM PDT

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Daily Obsesh - Leather Festival Purse

Ok, yes. We love our purses and handbags.

We have many in our closets and are nowhere near our limit and always on the look-out for the next must-have bag to add to our collections. But as much as we love our bags, we have to admit ... Sometimes, they get in the way.

When it comes to partaking in carefree summer activities, maneuvering through large crowds on vacation and trying to be as streamlined and clutter free as possible, our beloved purses are sometimes more hassle than haute.

That's why we love this little purse that's also a belt. It's roomy enough to store all you'll need, but not so big where you end up with a lot that you don't. The leather makes it look luxe and expensive, but it's amazing price won't make you feel guilty for cramming it into a suitcase or thrown in the trunk on a road trip!

Where to Buy - Asos

Price - $34.48

Who Found It - Idabone was the first to add the 'Leather Festival Purse' to the Hive.

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