Daily Obsesh - Hello Kitty Puzzle

by Lisa Topiol • Sep 24, 2010 12:24 PM PDT
Daily Obsesh - Hello Kitty Puzzle

As a little girl I was in love with Hello Kitty. I had pencils, pens, stationary, purses, keychains, even a trashcan! Basically, when I got older my obsession lessened and eventually disappeared, but there's still a special place in my heart for Hello Kitty and her cute, mouthless smile. To this day, when I come across something from Sanrio, I fall instantly in love. I love that Urban Outfitters has this adorable Hello Kitty Puzzle Head for sale because it's a great piece to remind me of my childhood and looks great in an office, or to entertain younger guests who visit your house. This puzzle is an awesomely cute stocking stuffer or gift for a friend and anyone who spent their youth obsessed with Sanrio will get a kick out of this adorable 3D puzzle! I love the use of pink and white, and Hello Kitty seriously looks adorable! Sure, I don't really need something like this for my house, but I know I must have it! This little kitty is going to become your instant computer desk buddy!

Where to Buy - Urban Outfitters

Price - $18.00

Who Found It - Ltopiol was the first to add the 'Hello Kitty Puzzle Head' to the Hive.

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