Daily Obsesh - Glacier Park Travel Mug

by Susan Yara • Jan 14, 2011 11:09 AM PST

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Daily Obsesh - Glacier Park Travel Mug

If it's morning, don't bother talking to us until we've had our latte. Actually, make that our second latte. We can't function without caffeine and we're proud to say to it out loud. We even carry our brightly-striped mug around to let everyone know that coffee is our friend.

And while our mug might not be the prettiest one in the bunch, it sure does make us happy. Why wouldn't it? We like the stripes, it has a handle, keeps our beverage of choice (again, it's coffee if you missed that) warm, has a lid so it's functional and makes road trips (or field trips to the coffee shop) easier because we don't spill all over ourselves. It's the perfect mug and we love it. So join us as we hold our mug high ... but not too high because, well, we still need one more refill to muster up the energy.

Where to Buy - Pendleton-Usa.com

Price - $18.00

Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Travel Mug' to the Hive.

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