Daily Obsesh - Balloona Side Table

by Susan Yara • Mar 3, 2011 10:52 AM PST

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Daily Obsesh - Balloona Side Table

As a child, did you ever wonder what happened to a balloon when you let it fly into the sky? Did it wander into outer space? Or did curious birds pop it before it got very far? Well here's one answer to tell the little rugrats in your life when they ask that very question - it becomes furniture!

At least these balloons do. Five hundred deflated balloons in a variety of colors cover this cool table and make it a delightful addition to any bedroom.

The Balloona side table isn't cheap, but with good reason ... each balloon is tied together over wood to create this fun piece of furniture. We love looking at it and remembering the joy we felt in our younger years. Balloons can brighten any day and with this table, they certainly brighten ours!

Where to Buy - TheFuturePerfect.com

Price - $225.00

Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Balloona Side Table' to the Hive.

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  • Artlicious says

    Very cool and inventive! B-) Cool

    73 months ago