Daily Fashion News Round-Up!

by Ida Hsiang • Oct 1, 2010 10:41 AM PDT

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Daily Fashion News Round-Up!

Woo-hoo! It's Friday! And after a busy week of errands, responsibilities and that crazy boss, you're ready for the weekend! But there's still today's workday to get through so don't start packing up your bags and filing away your papers just yet. However, it does mean that you can probably get away with a slightly longer lunch hour and maybe even slip out those double doors a few minutes earlier. But why not start the fun now? We've gathered all the fun fashion headlines for you! If anyone asks, though ... you didn't hear it from us!

Vogue Daily - Beauty Moment: Britt Maren's Model Makeover! Click here to see this runway new-comers' edgy new make-over!

LimeLife - Naomi Campbell Looks Fabulous as Roberto Cavalli's 40th Anniversary Party! Click here to see how one of the original 90's super-models still looks as amazing today as she did then!

Refinery29 - Nifty Essentials That Do Double Duty! Click here to see an array of cute and chic pieces that transform into other cute and chic pieces!

Stylelist - Diane Kruger's Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance Campaign - Behind-the-Scenes Photos! Click here to see behind-the-scene pics from this German beauties latest ad venture!

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