Cinematic Tales of Femme Fatales From Miu Miu!

by Lesley Scott • Feb 2, 2011 1:27 PM PST

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Cinematic Tales of Femme Fatales From Miu Miu!

Set in London's chichi Claridges hotel, 'The Powder Room' is the first in a series of short films by female filmmakers with different intellectual backgrounds and a distinct love of Miu Miu. Directed by Zoe Cassavetes (Broken English), the premiere piece takes place in an ultra-feminine environment where gestures between women are traded in a ritual of opulent beauty and romantic 'codes' - which mirror everything we all already adore about the luxury of the Miu Miu universe.

'I love the idea of a powder room, the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women,' explains Cassavetes about her somewhat mysterious narrative mosaic. 'The story is about women and their private moments, so it's allowed to be free and dream ... the dreamy part was the most fun. And the glamour.'

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