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Video Style Steal - Rye Rye 'Never Will Be Mine' ft. Robyn

The new single by Baltimore native, Rye Rye features a fast-paced, enunciated rap full of sass and attitude, plus a powerhouse hook by Swedish songtress, Robyn (Show Me Love, anyone?).

The video also features some fierce fashion pieces with abstract prints, bright and multi-color pieces, interesting silhouettes and avant-garde looks all tied together with a distinctly street-inspired feel.

The style is interesting and unique and something for the fashionably daring! Do you dare? Check out this hot video, then take a look at our picks of brightly colored and patterned pieces and emulate the style of Rye Rye's 'Never Will Be Mine'!

Video Style Steal - Dev Talks About Her Style Inspiration

Her single, Bass Down Low, is blowing out the speakers at clubs and parties around the globe and Universal artist, Dev, is just getting started!

As much as we love to get down to her catchy club single, we love Dev's bold and edgy, but totally wearable style even more!

Thanks to our friends at Universal, we were able sit down and get an exclusive interview with this up-and-coming superstar! Dev talks fashion ideas, style tips and shows off her current fave piece - a floor-grazing, leopard print shawl from Hellz Bellz that we're swooning over!

Take a look and watch for yourself, then click on the music video and get your Friday started!

Video Style Steal - Adele 'Rolling In The Deep'

Adele's new single, 'Rolling In The Deep', actually isn't new at all but was released three years ago and has been slowly climbing the charts since and recently has been heard everywhere.

It's catchy, soulful and filled with raw emotion ... and the video is filled with artistically simply scenes and Adele in an all black ensemble of glittering mesh dress, embellished up-do and classic mary-janes!

Her ensemble is perfect for a night out if you want to look classic but youthful. Mesh and sequins added a modern edge while opaque black tights kept it sophisticated. Looking for a more va-va-voom approach? Skip the tights and up-do!

Watch the video then click on the slideshow to see how you can get the look for yourself!

Video Style Steal - Selena Gomez 'Who Says?'

Selena Gomez's new song has a beautiful message as well as beautiful ensembles! With a message that encourages you to be proud of being yourself and the value of beauty inside and out, Selena Gomez keeps it simple in just two different outfits.

With a glamourous chiffon gown and jewel studded accessories (perfect for prom!), then a switch to a young and casual look of a loose tank and denim cutoffs, she shows that you can beautiful in any situation as long as you're confident in yourself!

With such an encouraging message and uplifting lyrics, check out the video for 'Who Says?' and then click on the slideshow to see how to get the looks for yourself!

Selena Gomez releases her new album 'When the Sun Goes Down' on June 28th, but check out her latest single, 'Who Says' here!

Video Style Steal - Beyonce 'Why Don't You Love Me'

It's the queen 'Bey'! And with one of her latest videos 'Why Don't You Love Me', she reminds us why she's the number one diva in the game!

In a retro-styled video filmed with era-appropriate graininess, Beyonce parades across the screen in one sexy, 50's housewife inspired ensemble after another. High waisted short-sets (ok, so we can't sashay around pants-less, but it's a great look for swimwear!), cat-eye sunglasses and form fitting sweater and skirt combos transformed the gorgeous songstress from hip and edgy style icon to retro-clad sex kitten.

With her powerful vocals, strong female message and super cute ensembles, we're inspired to rock the retro look for ourselves! You too? Watch the video then click on the slideshow for some of our fave ways to emulate her look!

Video Style Steal - Paramore 'The Only Exception'

In a world of dance floor hits, pop beats and flashing lights, it's nice to be able to strip away the special effects and just focus on the music and the message.

With Paramore's 'The Only Exception' video, we are not only able to clearly hear the music and talent, but also get to catch the cute and completely wearable ensembles that lead singer, Hayley Williams, changes into throughout the video.

From casual hoodies and jeans to a va-va-voom strapless leather mini, Paramore's 'The Only Exception' video showcases stylish outfits for all the activities in a young gals' life!

Check out the video then click on the slideshow to see how to get these looks for yourself!

New Coco Mademoiselle Short Film with Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly stars in the new Coco Mademoiselle fragrance ads as a modern day, motorcycle riding Chanel superhero.

Here's the short film version of the ad that's wonderfully shot all around Paris.

Brought to you by our friends from Coquette!

Video Style Steal Throwback - Lisa Loeb 'Stay (I Missed You)'

She's the ultimate one-hit wonder and we'll admit it - Lisa Loeb's 90's mega-hit 'Stay' is still a tune we find stuck in our heads and humming to.

And as catchy as her ballad was, it was her 90's style that we're really digging! With cat-eye tortoise frames and a simple knit black dress, complete with opaque tights and ankle boots, she's got a look that we can see ourselves rocking even today, with just a few minor style changes to make it a little more of-the-moment. Or go for a retro 90's style and change nothing!

Check out the video (we're sure you remember it), then click on the slideshow to see how to get this Video Style Steal!

Video Style Steal - Michael Jackson 'Hollywood Tonight'

The King of Pop has a distinct style that has been emulated repeatedly for years, no matter what the current trends are. With studded leather, fingerless gloves and sequined jackets, Michael Jackson has always had a style that stands out and looks amazing for men or women.

It's all about the quintessential Michael Jackson style in his latest video, 'Hollywood Tonight'. We love the storyline, the girls' amazing dance skills and mostly, how they made the edgy and tuff look that we're so familiar with into something that we can wear for everday!

Check out the hot new 'Hollywood Tonight' video by Michael Jackson then click on the slideshow to see how to get this Video Style Steal for yourself!

Video Style Steal - Jennifer Lopez 'On The Floor ft. Pitbull'

Before Beyonce, before Rihanna ... there was Jennifer Lopez. The original pop diva, noone knows glitz and glam like J.Lo herself and with her new dance floor single, 'On The Floor', this hot mama shows that she's still got it!

In a glittering silver bodysuit, gilded ruffle gown and a tuff-gal dance ensemble with edgy metallic accessories, Jennifer Lopez knows how to turn heads! Glittering and shimmying her way across the dance floor, you can't help but want to don your highest, shiniest stiletto pumps and rock out with her.

We love the silver and gold, the in-your-face sexiness and diva-worthy styles! Click on the slideshow to see how you can wear this look for your everyday style or to hit the clubs in and 'get on the floor'!

Photo Credit - JustJared