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Enter To Win A $500 Handbag From Beautiful People Design!

Searching for a new handbag can be harder than it sounds! You want something stylish but not too trendy, something noticeably high-quality but not drenched in labels, and something that you can lug life's necessities around in... without spending your monthly rent. Oh, and it has to look good too. Sound familiar? Turn to Beautiful People's collection of classic, feminine styles the next time you're yearning for a new handbag. Designed by former children's book illustrator Johanna Boccardo, Beautiful People handbags are full of inspiration and whimsical appeal, balanced with clean lines and supple leather for an everyday, yet extra special look. The current Spring/Summer 2009 collection, titled CAPULET, has just what you'd expect from a Shakespearean-inspired line, with subtle rose details, soft, feminine shapes, and deep, earthy colors. Take a look at the big bucket bag, in smooth or crinkled calfskin with plenty of pockets. For a playful evening bag, the little rose is on our wishlist- the rosette detail combined with the classic chainlink strap is irresistible. Click READ MORE to learn more about Johanna and Beautiful People in our interview, and see how you can win the 'Juliet' handbag for yourself!

And The Winner Of The Badass Hair Giveaway Is...

Hair products are an essential part of any beauty routine-- trust me, nobody with fabulous-looking hair got it looking that way without at least a little help from gels, creams, sprays, and serums. Scott Fontana, stylist and creator of super fun line Badass Hair, knows what's up- his collection of hair products caters to every need your mane could possible have. Last week we introduced you to Scott and his line, and told you all about how you could win a set of Badass Hair products. I'm kind of relieved that it's time to choose a winner because I've had the products sitting on my desk for weeks now, and let me tell you, you want these products. In order to be entered to win them we asked you to tell us about the celeb who you thought has the most badass hair- was your answer the one we chose? Just click READ MORE to find out.

Get Rock Star Hair With A Glam Giveaway From Badass Hair And Stylist Scott Fontana!

As much as I'd love to have the privilege of referring to my hair in its natural state as "badass," frankly it's much closer to "bush woman" or "rats' nest" than it is to "rock star." The truth is (and I know I'm not alone here), my coif requires a whole lot of coaxing from products, brushes, and irons before it can even dream of entering the rocker-chick realm! And unfortunately, that heavy-duty level of tress-stressing really does wonders when it comes to damaging the heck out of hair, especially with all the harsh heating, teasing, and chemicals galore, and in the long run only makes it increasingly difficult to deal with! Well, my high-maintenance-maned amigas, hair stylist Scott Fontana has answered our prayers with his kick-butt line of VIP-worthy products, appropriately named Badass Hair. With its no-BS approach, Badass Hair provides powerful products with simplistic ingredients that get the job done (and tell you exactly what that job is right on the bottle, eliminating the need to attack your mane with 902932 different products at once). With clever names like "Up All Night" Volume Mist and "Give Me A Stiffy" Gel, these frizz-tackling tools aim to give you rock-glam hair without being forced to rough it up.
Click "Read More" for our interview with Badass stylist and founder, Scott Fontana, then scroll down to get the details on the giveaway! Also, don't forget to check out the slideshow to see more of Scott's own favorite products!

Meet Love Brigade, Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

What do Kurt Cobain, ancient Egyptians, and Bob Dylan all have in common? Give up? Well, they were all inspiration behind Brooklyn-based design team Love Brigade! Blending musical influences with up to the minute trends, their Fall '08 collection named "Love Kurt" featured nature motifs and sexy asymmetrical cuts, slits, and straps all without baring too much skin. Not to be outdone, their Spring '09 presentation of their "Ex-Oh" diffusion line was probably one of the most unique out there! The presentation featured models hanging out on hammocks and dining with oversized cutlery rather than strutting down the runway. We got a chance to talk to Creative Director Christopher "Tinypants" Dang about Love Brigade's background and what's next for them. Read on to see what he had to say, and be sure to check out the slideshow for a look at their Fall collection- then watch the video for their newest Spring '09 looks!

Enter To Win A Handbag From CHia New York, Stylehive's Next Big Thing!

CHia New York designer June Chang is no stranger to the details- as a child, it was her grandmother who taught her of their importance- and it was June's early introduction to this facet of design that has undoubtedly led to her impressive contributions to the handbag scene since the debut of her first collection a mere two years ago. Vintage charm, modern sensibility, and a dash of European flair lend a one-of-a-kind feel to her handbags and clutches, while luxurious Italian leather and gold tone hardware demonstrate the remarkable quality her handbags maintain, collection after collection. We talked to June about her start in the handbag industry, the designers she loves most, and what she has in store for CHia New York. Click the slideshow, read on for the interview, and then scroll down to find out how you can enter to win a CHia handbag (worth over $500) for yourself!