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Stylehive + ThisNext Join Forces!

We have exciting news for Hivers today - Stylehive has recently joined the family of ThisNext is for aficionados of new unique design products to discover the products, brands, trends and people that shape the future of what's next. In addition, a new parent company has been launched: Curatemedia, a corporate brand that will operate ThisNext and Stylehive. The mission of Curatemedia is to develop brands that help consumers discover and shop for products that they will love. By connecting shoppers to communities of passionate consumers, Curatemedia helps answer the simple question, "What should I buy?" So check out, and keep a look out for collaborations, more features, and a continued dedication to making shopping online as fun and exciting as possible. Thanks for hiving!
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Death of Trends: Why I Told the JC Report That YOU Are the Future of Fashion

If you don't read the JC Report, you should. It's one of the best running online commentaries on emerging fashion culture. I was recently interviewed for their 3-part series called "The Death of Trends." The subject of the series is basically what Stylehive is all about - the revolutionary movement of fashion from the few (glossy magazines, diva editors, copycat designers) to the many, meaning - you! JC Report calls the myriad ways people are now choosing to express themselves "micro trends," as opposed to the "macro" fashion trends of old, like grunge and heroin chic, that would dominate runways and closets for seasons on end. Check out their fascinating series, and tell me in Comments what you thought of my comments. And if you have any of your own to add, and I'll pass them on to the writer. Cheers!

Grand Rapids Press: Savvy Shoppers Compare Notes on Social Networks

"People love social shopping on because every part of the shopping experience -- from finding a cool new product to sharing it with your friends ... is all done right here in one place," said Chris Kensler, editorial director for Stylehive. "We have tens of thousands of users every day finding and sharing the latest cool stuff on the Web ... from DIY to couture, home decor to green goods." Click here to read the entire article in Grand Rapids Press.

Stylehive TV Teams With ABC/SOAPNet for Video Coverage of L.A. Fashion Week

Stylehive TV and ABC/SOAPNet teamed up for exclusive video coverage of L.A Fashion Week€™s Fall 2008 runway shows. Stylehive editorial director Chris Kensler conducted exclusive interviews with the hottest designers and celebrity guests at Los Angeles€™ biggest style event of the year, including Nicky Hilton, Mena Suvari, Jonathan Antin, Juliette Lewis, Danny Masterson, Project Runway star Sweet P, and Ashley Paige. Click here to see the LAFW Fall 2008 coverage!

BBC.COM Picks Up Exclusive Stylehive Interview With Supermodel Cast-Off

Although it wasn€™t much of a shock, it was truly a disappointment to see Shannon get the boot on Make Me A Supermodel. She demonstrated iron will, fierce determination, and bulletproof confidence from beginning to end- all of which served her well in establishing her as a consistent favorite amongst the judges. Stylehive: How would you sum up your experience on the show? Shannon: It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I feel really fortunate to have been a part of it. Click here to read the rest of Shannon's interview!

Style News: Stylehive Tops NY Daily News List of Fashion Savvy Sites!

It's nice when you open the newspaper in the morning and, instead of reading more sordid stories about your pathetic, sex-mad ex governor and the philandering blind guy who replaced him, you instead find out you work for the coolest fashion site on the Web! I mean, I already knew that, but its nice when The New York Daily News puts it down in black and white. "With all the activity at StyleHive, no wonder it's creating so much buzz," the article starts, and it just gets better from there. Click READ MORE for the entire article, and for more about why we (and YOU, who make Stylehive rock so hard) rule the cool school.
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E-Commerce Times: Portals in an E-Commerce 2.0 World

Stylehive CEO Michael Carrier also doesn't see social shopping Web sites as portals. "Social shopping is Web 3.0, which is to say it is a blend of Web 1.0 (content) and Web 2.0 (social)," he told the E-Commerce Times. "Web 3.0 is about sites like the Stylehive, where the content of the Web -- in this case shopping content -- is filtered through your trusted social group. This type of site gives the user the ability to control what they see by controlling the group of trusted recommenders." Click here for the full article on E-Commerce Times.

New York Times: Small Merchants Gain Large Presence on Web

The retailer of quirky home goods,, has experienced occasional sales increases not because of catalog shipments or television commercials, but because it formed relationships with bloggers and posted its products on new €œsocial shopping sites€� like and €œPeople started posting about my goods and it snowballed from there,€� said Lisa Mathisen, RealmDekor€™s owner. €œI know people think these sites are new and underground, but they€™re becoming more mainstream. Even my mother checks them out to find gifts.€� Click here to read the entire article in The New York Times.

StyleNews: Tom Cruise + Stylehive Team to Create Best InTouch Ever!

Never has $2.99 purchased more A-list celebrity and fashion news than in this week's issue of InTouch magazine. Not only do they finally put to rest those niggling rumors about Tom Cruise's sexual preference (Katie must be so relieved!), they also feature yours truly in the issue's "Who Wore It Best?" fashion spread! And for the record, I would like to apologize to Vanessa Hudgens, January Jones, Spice Girl Mel B, and Stacy Keibler for any tears they may have shed upon learning they most certainly did not wear their dresses best. Remember, just because you didn't wear it best, doesn't mean you didn't wear it well. You wore it quite well. Just not quite well enough.
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KATU A.M. Northwest: Transitioning Summer to Fall Wardrobes

Now that the wet weather has arrived it's time to put away the summer clothes and pull out the sweaters, right? Not so fast! Don't be so quick to bundle up! Here to show us how to transition our summer favorites into fall we welcomed Chris Kensler, Editorial Director of Click here to read more and see the video on AM Northwest!