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The SHG - Your Best Friends Wedding!

It's wedding season and many of us have a good friend or even a BFF that's tying the knot this summer.

We know it's rude to try and upstage the bride, but that doesn't mean we can't still dress to impress (afterall, we may meet our own Prince Charming there!). Just keep silhouettes simple but striking and add a little bit of bling that'll help you stand out in your accessories.

ThisNext Lifestyle Tastemaker, Jo Gartin, inspires us with her picks on getting ready for your best friends bridal bash in style. Check out her favorite dresses and accessories by clicking over to her Summer Weddings! collection.

The SHG - Destination: Tel Aviv

ThisNext Fashion Tastemaker, Stephanie Johnson, has an eye for style! And when it comes to this summer, while not all of us can make an exotic destination vacation, we sure can dress like we are!

This weeks destination inspiration? Tel Aviv! Here's what Stephanie Johnson had to say about it -

"My husband is from Israel and we head to Tel Aviv nearly every summer to visit family. Tel Aviv boasts fabulous beaches but is also decidedly urban with style to match. Here are some of my favorite picks for both day and night!"

Check out Stephanie Johnson's Destination: Tel Aviv collection!

The SHG - Summer Style Essentials

We can't wait to show off our summer style! There's so many trends out there to try and we want to try them all!

A versatile tote that goes from weekend shopping to beach bum days, a sexy but sweet swimsuit that shows off just enough ... or perhaps a little sparkle to brighten these already sunny summer days.

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it! Check out ThisNext Fashion Tastemaker, Minnie Mortimers' summer style essentials and get inspired!

Check out her summer picks here!

The SHG - Stylish From 9 to 5!

Spending summer in the office isn't a drag when you can wear floral skirts and color blocked pumps on the job!

Who said that work wear had to be stuffy and conservative? These hot work-wear pieces let you look professional without sacrificing style and allows you to add a personal touch to everyday office attire. These chic career picks are great for those just entering the work force too and help you stay looking work-ready but fashionable for summer internships and all those interviews!

Take the advice of ThisNext Tastemaker, Lucy Sykes and check out her Working the Work Look Collection!

The SHG - ThisNext Tastemaker, Elyse Walker, Shares Her Airport Essentials!

Summer is right around the corner and that can only mean weekend getaways and relaxing vacations!

There's an art to traveling stylishly and we asked ThisNext's Fashion Tastemaker, Elyse Walker, for her must-have traveling tips and products! She tells us, 'When I'm traveling, I like to pack light and comfortable. My airport outfit includes skinny jeans, flats, and a cozy top paired with a cotton trench. Looking good and feeling great after a long flight isn't always easy, which is why I pack a few beauty products that make me feel great.'

Check out her entire travel collection here!

The SHG - Blake Lively's Red Hair!

Beauty Tastemaker, Rona O'Connor, recently flew back from New York after being the one to turn style icon Blake Lively's signature California blonde locks into soft strawberry blonde waves. We love the uniqueness of red hair and the way it really captures the sunlight!

But with such a unique hair color, what does one wear to match it? It takes a confident women to rock the red locks, but we don't want to end up looking like we ran away with the circus either. No worries! We asked Rona O'Connor herself and she put together a collection of beauty and fashion items that'll really make your red 'do standout in a good way!

Take a look at ThisNext Beauty Tastemaker, Rona O'Connor's 'What To Wear With Red Hair' Collection for inspiration!

The SHG - White Out!

The snow has finally melted and the winter white out is over ... this is a different type of storm! I love wearing shades of white when it's warm outside!

It makes you look tan and is just a classic, clean color that you can really add to any outfit.

Nothing says 'hot' in spring and summer like 'white hot'! A crisp, bright white is immediately a luxe look for a sunny day and even more glamorous when paired with metallic details like gold and silver!

We interviewed ThisNext Fashion Tastemaker, Minnie Mortimer for her fave picks! Check out her White Out Collection!

The SHG - Neon Decor!

Neon is back in action! Highlight your home or accessorize with some small and not so subtle neon.

This seasons neon trend is one of my favorites! Check out all my colorful creations that I promise won't make you go color blind.

Check out the electrifying picks from ThisNext Decor Tastemaker, Tom Delavan's Neon Collection!

The SHG - All Natural Beauty And Products

Organic and all natural is the new thing in health and body care, but while what goes in your body is very important, what goes on it makes a difference too!

All natural and organic beauty products are available in everything from facial moisturizers to nail polishes and essential oils. It's good for you and good for Mother Earth and really ... does it get any better than that?

So primp and prettify while reducung your carbon footprint as well! Check out some favorite all-natural beauty products from ThisNext Beauty Tastemaker, Rona O'Connor by checking out her Great Organic Beauty collection!

The SHG - Editor's Essentials! The White Tee!

How can something so basic like the classic white tee have so many variations? Always a crisp and clean look, the white tee can be as simple or as complex as you please.

From plain white versions to dolman sleeves, draping and other more modern details, a gal can't have too many white tees in her closet! Pair them with your fave jeans for an all-American weekend style, or wear on one tucked into a fun flared mini and sandals for a more feminine appeal!

Need a little more edge? The white tee is blank canvas that allows you to add and layer accessories that match whatever mood your in!

Take a look at the editors' picks from ThisNext for the best white tees!