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Recession Chic - Back-to-School Basics Under $50

Did you enjoy your summer? It went by so fast didn't it?

Sigh. Now that classes are about to start again and you're cramming yourself back into a teeny tiny dorm room and stocking up on instant noodles and coffee vouchers, why not re-stock your back-to-school wardrobe too?

Platform pumps and embellished dresses and skirts are a little inappropriate for English 101, but you don't have to be stuck in the same hoodie and jeans all semester either! Look for stylish pieces that are comfortable, versatile and ... most importantly for all college students ... a good deal!

Take a look at our picks for must-have back-to-school basics that are all under $50!

Recession Chic - Pointed Toe Flats for $50 or Less!

It's sad but true - summer is nearing it's end. But cheer up, there's a few weeks left and when the cooler seasons finally do roll around, we've got a whole new set of styles and trends to try!

One such trend that transitions perfectly from sunny days to breezy afternoons is the pointed toe flat. Pointy flats work well with a flirty, flared skirt and loose blouse and then look equally cute when paired with skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater.

Plus, the sharp tip elongates the leg and makes the overall look seem sleeker and much more chic that it's rounded-toe counter parts. High end designer shoe brands are loving this new trend, but we're loving the fact that you can find a cute pair for $50 or less!

Click on the slideshow and check out our choices for cutest pointed toe flats!

Recession Chic - The Staycation

Summer is the time for weekend getaways, road trips and mini vacations.

We're all envious of the people that are flying off to the Caribbean or Hawaii. We'd love to lounge at the beach or pool and soak up some sun. A day of pampering at the spa sounds amazing.

But alas, many of us no longer have the luxury of three-month-long summer breaks nor do we have the vacation days or money saved up to jet-off for a quick getaway. That doesn't mean you can't relax and unwind resort-style in the comforts of your own home and town, though!

Grab a large umbrella, some suntan lotion and make your way to the nearest beach! Or light some candles and put on the soothing music and give yourself a luxurious facial at home. Need a little more excitement? Round up the gals and make your favorite mix drink and serve them up in a new set of cute cocktail glasses!

The possibilities are endless on your staycation! And while a stayaction is a great way to decompress while saving money, we're taking it one step further! Click on the slideshow to see some of our ideas and get inspired with our staycation picks, all under $50!

Recession Chic - Stylish Brogues For $75 or Less!

As much as we love to strut our stuff in our stilettos and wedges, sometimes our poor feet deserve a break!

Flats are cute, but take a cue from the boys and try a pair of stylish brogues instead! It's a more unique and dapper look that mixes menswear with lady-like casual perfectly.

These lightweight shoes work for summer and then transition effortlessly into the cooler seasons. Go as simple or embellished as you please and scope out a pair today!

Plus, this fashionable footwear doesn't have to cost you your savings account! Click on the slideshow and take a look at our fave picks for stylish brogues for $75 or less!

Recession Chic - Day-to-Night Clutches For $50 Or Less!

It's already almost mid-summer and we're not even close to being done! Done with the summer festivities, that is.

In this season, with it's long sunny days and warm balmy nights, the party can easily go from day to night! We love our summer totes (and we have many ...), but leave them for the beach or weekend trips. Nothing dresses up an ensemble faster than a lady-like clutch.

Plus, with summer's already casual style, many of these clutches can go from day-to-night just as easily! Check out our picks for favorite summer clutches for $50 or less ... that way you can still have money left to put in it!

Recession Chic - The Perfect Colorful Tee For $25 Or Less!

While we love wearing our maxi dresses and flowy sheer tops this summer season, one thing that will always be in style is the classic tee. Even our favorite basic top has gotten a makeover in the past few years and style details like longer hems, draping and generous necklines have made this tried and true style more flattering than ever! A white or grey tee a little too boring for your punchy summer wardrobe? Opt for a summer-trend ready tee in a bright color! And you don't have to spend much, either! Check out our picks of fave colorful tees that can hold their own against any maxi-dress, and all for $25 or less!

Recession Chic - Beach-y Totes For $25 or Less!

Fun in the sun? Yes please! But only if it's done in style!

You've found the perfect bikini (or two), the cutest sandals, some killer shades and ... what a pity to stuff them into a plain, boring tote or ... dare we say it?? A crinkly, bummy plastic shopping bag.

Sure, a beach bag is just for you to hold your stuff in, but that doesn't mean you can't express yourself through it! We're thinking something roomy that you can stash everything in, but crushable or pliable so you can lay on it, stuff it in between the other bags or toss it onto the beach towel with no worries. Something eye-catching - bright colors, cool prints - also makes for a stylish beach tote.

And with a beach tote, you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot! Check out these fashionable faves for $25 or less!

Recession Chic - Espadrilles For $50 or Less

So ... what exactly is an espadrille, anyway? There's wedges, flats, sandals ... all claiming to be an espadrille!

Usually made of cotton or canvas fabric on the upper, espadrilles are also being seen made in (faux) leather and other materials. What makes an espadrille is the rope or hemp detailing used on the bottom portion.

Fashion History NewsFlash!: Espadrille is derived from the Catalan word esparto, which is a strong wiry Mediterranean grass used to make the rope found on the earliest espadrilles.

See? You learn something new everyday! And now, as a tribute to this classic summer shoe, check out our slideshow of all types of espadrilles!

Recession Chic - The Non-Bikini For $100 Or Less!

Summer is here and that means sunny days, long balmy nights, no school, family vacations and swimsuit season!

Many of us, however, have mixed feelings towards the infamous 'swimsuit season' with an emotion that hovers somewhere between excitement and dread. We've all been working hard to try and get our bodies into tip-top shape and ready to flaunt in teeny-tiny swimsuits, but perhaps you're not quite there yet, or the idea of strutting your stuff in a skimpy two-piece is just more than you want to bare.

No worries! With shapely one-pieces and sexy monokinis, you can show off just what you're comfortable with while hiding the parts that are still undergoing a little fine tuning!

Plus, when it comes to swimwear and our wallets both, more is less! Check out our fave pics for flattering one-pieces and monokinis at $100 or less!

Recession Chic - Poolside Perfect For $50 Or Less!

Tropical vacations, weekend get-aways and chilling poolside all day are just around the corner!

You've still got time to drop those last five pounds and pump out a few more sit-ups before bikini season is officially upon us and of course, if you're going to be lounging in little more than your skivvies, you want to be sure to look your absolute best!

So start working on that tan and take a look at our picks to help help you look poolside perfect! From pretty cover-ups, sexy suits and stylish totes, we've got you covered ... at all at $50 or less too so you don't have to feel bad for taking that extra day off just to soak up some sun!