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Label Love - Q&A With Sophie Monet

Here at Stylehive, we love our accessories and baubles so imagine our joy when we discovered that our DIY Editor, Sophie Okulick, is none other than the creative genius behind Sophie Monet jewelry! Natural materials like turquoise, wood and coral are made into earthy, elegant pieces that add a touch of luxury and style to any ensemble, from basic denim to sassy dresses. We took a moment to pick her brain and share with you just how her creative mind works!

SH - So when did this all start?

Sophie - It all came into being about a year ago, right here in Venice, CA.

SH - What gave you the idea to start a jewelry line?

Sophie - My dad is a sculptor so he had the tools and wood around and it sparked an interest. I've always loved finding really unique pieces at flea markets and thrift shopping so it seemed a logical next step for me to try to make pieces for myself.

SH - So it's in the genes! Have you always had a interest in making jewelry?

Sophie - When I was younger, my friends and I would make little accessories like hair pieces and such by using a hot glue gun and buttons and bobby pins. I studied Fine Arts and have always loved crafts so I combined the elements. It was kind of a light bulb moment when I decided to use wood to make jewelry.

SH - Well, they're really gorgeous. So some scrap wood started it all?

Sophie - Well, like I had mentioned, there was scrap wood around when I was younger and just for fun, I'd glue pieces together to make whatever. Nothing sometimes. (laughs) My first jewelry idea was a necklace and I just experimented through trial and error from there. I've tried metal and plexi-glass, but wood looked the most unique and sophisticated. I slowly incorporated stones, metal details and gold leaf.

SH - So where can we, and our Hivers, find Sophie Monet pieces?

Sophie - There's quite a few places here in L.A., as well as Florida, Vancouver and Oakland in stores like Fred Segal, Only Hearts and In Residence. You can also find them online at and

SH - Wow! Nice! And I'm sure our readers would like to know. How often do you make new pieces and what can we look forward to from Sophie Monet?

Sophie - Whenever I'm inspired by a shape or a feel, I go to the studio. I have a new design about once a month and produce a new collection of about 6 - 8 pieces about twice a year. I'm really into bracelets and cuffs right now. One of my favorite ideas are a few cuff bracelets that I have in the works. I'll be using a lot more turquoise and quartz crystals, of course, but I'm also looking to incorporate more amethyst and onyx.

SH - Sounds gorgeous! We can't wait!

Check out some fave Sophie Monet pieces by clicking on the slideshow!

Label Love - Vicarious by Nature

We all love to do a little something for our Mother Earth. But when it comes to fashion, so many of the eco-friendly lines, while well intentioned, leave us looking a little too much like tree-huggers. Vicarious by Nature is a line that uses all organic cotton to make their edgy layering pieces that drape so flatteringly across the body.

Basic tees, sweaters and hoodies and tanks are amped up with expert draping, zipper detailing and low cowl necks, giving the line a look of nonchalant sensuality and laid-back street chic style. Originating from sunny L.A., Vicarious by Nature embodies all that is So-Cal with chic and comfy pieces that flatter, make you look great and make you feel great about giving Mother Earth a hand. We're all for it!

Check out a few favorite pieces from their look-book by clicking on the slideshow!

Label Love - Louis Vuitton S/S 2011

Vibrant hues, sumptuous satins and silky knits, Oriental inspired cuts and details, bold animal and floral prints and an overall feel of 1970s luxe took over the runway for the Louis Vuitton S/S 2011 runway show.

Dresses and silhouettes that celebrated a woman's shape and curves were detailed with mandarin collars, thigh-high slits and bold color blocking. Jumpsuits and one pieces featured plunging necklines, metallic shimmer and colorful blocking, with voluminous, billowing fabric and cinched waists all around.

With the Asian-inspired influence, colorful animal and floral prints and sophisticated sensuality, the entire collection was reminiscent of a nonchalantly luxurious and fashion forward Shanghai from it's hey-day as the Paris of the Orient. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from the Louis Vuitton S/S 2011 runway collection by clicking on the slideshow!

Label Love - Miu Miu S/S 2011

In a time where breezy, monochromatic classics and layered pieces with an industrial-chic vibe are running rampant down the runways, Miu Miu once again keeps it unique with their latest collection of shiny silks and bold, color-blocked patterns. Bright red and blue danced across silk dresses and separates in forms of geometric color-blocking and large floral prints. Bursts of neon yellow and all-over metallic added more to the unique and eccentric factor.

Silhouettes were surprisingly retro-inspired with longer, knee grazing hemlines and demure necklines. Pleats, floral prints, large scoopnecks, starburst and peacock additions and other intricate details lent this conservatively cut Miu Miu collection a rockstar vibe. Strong shoulders and cinched waists further enhanced an hourglass form, giving the garments sex appeal. Definitely a whimsically eccentric collection with a touch of edgy darkness, the Miu Miu S/S collection deserves a second look. Click on the slideshow to see some favorite styles from the runway!

Label Love - Chanel 2011 Resort Collection

Chanel is, and has been, a big-name design house for a very long time. This means that when Fashion Week rolls around, Karl Lagerfeld and the Chanel designers are making multiple collections - Couture, RTW, Resort - and having to make sure each collection is striking, memorable, fashion-forward, lust-worthy and cohesive within itself.

So while the Chanel Couture show deserves much praise, the Resort Collection for 2011 is getting mixed reviews. Mostly because the collection itself is a huge mix bag of hits and misses. The extensive collection was featured outside with the hottest 'it' models, including Karolina Kurkova and Abbey Lee Kershaw, barefoot and relaxed. The runway theme suited the resort feel perfectly, but the over-all theme of the collection was lost. A literal take on styles that were part Karate Kid, part 70s flashback and with a healthy dose of pajama-esque pieces and Western-inspired garb, the resort collection sent down one confusing look after the other.

Of course, being Chanel, the 'hits' were amazing and covetable, with sassy swimwear, ethereal beach dresses and the labels signature tweed fabrication used in a range of luxurious, vacation-ready looks. Although there was no obvious color scheme, the palette was bright, sophisticated and perfect for spring. However, the misses far out-weighed the hits and one has to wonder, did creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld, have his wig on a little too tight?
Click the slideshow to see our fave picks of the 2011 Resort Collection for Chanel!

Label Love - Vera Wang Resort 2011

Vera Wang has long been known for her beautiful and extravagant bridal designs that are once elegant and traditional, but still modern. But even if one was lucky enough to don a Vera Wang bridal gown at some point in life, how often would you be able to wear the creation? With Vera Wangs' new 2011 Resort collection that she debuted at New York Fashion Week, we now have ways to wear a Wang piece during everyday life. With surprisingly edgy designs, one could imagine wearing the new resort collection at a luxurious get-away of leisurely shopping days and nighttime soirees.

Draped cocktail dresses, asymmetrical lines and luxurious knits and silks were featured in taupe and greys punched up with saturated purples, golds and a shiny green silk floral pattern. Balancing the fine line between menswear inspired separates and feminine silhouettes, the entire collection stayed cohesive with Vera Wang's signature style of elegant and intricate details that were at once classy and right on trend. Click on the slideshow to see some of our favorite pieces from Vera Wangs' Resort 2011 collection!

Label Love - Sweet And Sexy Dresses From YUMI KIM

Yumi Kim dresses and rompers are fast becoming a celeb favorite with it's soft silk and bright colors and patterns. Silhouettes are sweet and sexy at the same time with cinched waistlines and high hems balanced out by floral prints and ruffled edges. Whether you're more of a girly dress type of gal, or prefer something slightly more edgy with a romper or one-piece, Yumi Kim's designs work for numerous styles and occasions. For those who still get ample sunshine, a Yumi Kim dress or romper paired with flat sandals or strappy heels is a refreshing way to dress for the bright days. Cooler weather in your part of town? Trade in the summer shoes for some ankle boots or a cute pair of flats and throw on a jacket. Cropped or oversize both work! With her breezy styles and bright colors, you're sure to turn heads no matter how you wear it! Click on the slideshow to see some favorite Yumi Kim dresses and rompers!