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Gift Guide Pick: Jo Malone Candles

Every walk into a great smelling space and have it change your mood entirely?? Enter Jo Malone candles!
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Magimix Vision Toaster - Perfect Toast Every Time

Imagine your breakfast with a perfectly toasted bagel, a little strawberry cream cheese and a cold glass of orange juice.

Nothing toasts like a Magimix by Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster. Made from durable stainless steel, this toaster is unlike any other. It features glass viewing windows that allow you to watch the toasting process and achieve toasting perfection.

Four quartz heating elements, four preprogrammed heat settings and extra wide slots make toasting all different types of bread effortless. The bagel setting toasts just one side, as a bagel should be toasted. Other settings include toast, reheat and defrost. Choose a setting or simply push the stop button when your toast is browned just the way you like it.

Built to last for 30,000 uses, you'll never have to purchase another toaster again. The Magimix by Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster is available at Williams-Sonoma and retails for around $250.

Daily Obsesh - Mog Plate

Calling all cat lovers ... The girls here at the Hive have found the purr-fect plate for your dinnerware collection!

Donna Wilson's Mog Plate will bring a smile to anyone who fancies the feline! Hailing from the Royal College of Art, this quirky British designer started her business in 2003 designing curious things for the home. From cushions to blankets, dinnerware and even accessories like hats, gloves and scarves, Donna Wilson's philosophy is to create things that people can connect to and treasure forever.

She's certainly done it with the Mog Plate. Fashioned from 100% bone china, the cat-face plate is nothing short of cute! And surely a conversation starter at your next high tea!

Where to Buy - The Future Perfect

Price - $35.00

Who - Melimeli was the first to add the Mog Plate to the Hive.

Daily Obsesh - Sheet Music Paperweight

For any of you music geeks out there, or fans of the unusual ... we've come across this awesome paperweight that's bound to amaze you!

This Sheet Music Paperweight by Tibor Kalman embodies all the frustrations that go into creating a masterpiece. It's a three-dimensional paperweight shaped like a crumpled up music sheet and looks great as a centerpiece on your coffee table, an accent on your end table, a plain-ole paperweight, or even to hold your keys and some loose change!

So, if you've got any music buffs in your life (maybe dad for Father's Day? Hint hint) then this creative gift is bound to impress! This paperweight gets a "bravo" from us!

Where to Buy - Moma Store

Price - $28.00

Who Found It - LTopiol was the first to add the 'Music Sheet Paperweight

Daily Obsesh - Pocket Change Tray

There's nothing better than finding a couple of bucks in your pockets when you put on a pair of pants or a jacket. It's like an added bonus to start your day (or evening if you're headed out late).

But, what if you could remember what you had in your pockets by simply emptying them out each day? Wouldn't that be better? We know, we know ... then you wouldn't get that surprise stash every once in awhile.

But here's the thing, you could always find delight in how much money you collect over time in your funky little pocket change tray. The surprise would be that 20 bucks you accrue in just two weeks (who knew pennies could amount to so much?). Now wouldn't that be nice?

Where to Buy -

Price - $4.95

Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Pocket Change Tray' to the Hive.

Make Your Home A Soothing Spring Get-Away!

Need a getaway pretty much every day? Then it's time to make your home pull double-duty as a spa and a sanctuary!

Inspired by the classic combination of blue and white, modern color palettes and patterns are picking up where Delph blue China left off. Fresher shades and patterns like Trina Turk's Trellis print recall beaches and far-flung tropical travels. You can buy it by the yard and use it indoors, outdoors, a lot, or a little.

For the mellower kind, a trendy chevron print in small doses isn't too 'tribal' or busy, especially if you go with a softer shade of blue.

After all, blue is a universally soothing color, especially when paired with pale colors like grey, whites, and beige. Pottery Barn's beach glass bath accessories will add a lot of luxurious home-spa style to any plain white countertop while still maintaining the calm you need.

Blue and white is a versatile pick-me-up anywhere, so for spaces - or parties - where you want more energy, definitely don't ignore the graphic appeal of West Elm's plates.

Brought to you by our friends from TheFind!

Daily Obsesh - Boogie Woogie Salt n Pepper Shaker

Dinner talk can get kinda boring. Liven it up with some fun table play! Everyone is told to not play with their food but no one said anything about the condiments! These Boogie Woogie Salt and Pepper shakers are fun for the whole family.

With wheels attached to both shakers all you need to do is push the shaker and it€™ll wheel itself across the table to the next person. Now you don't need to worry about arms in your face while you're eating.

The shakers come in black and white (to distinguish between salt and pepper) and look great on your table with their aluminum finish. Dinner just got more interesting!
Where to Buy - Shop Horne

Price - $49.95

Who Found It - LTopiol was the first to add the 'Boogie Woogie Salt and Pepper Shaker' to the Hive.

Daily Obsesh - Leaf Tray

It seems like the cold has gone on forever, so the first signs of summer can't get here soon enough! Every day we check the weather report and think, "Please be warm, please be warm, please be warm" just so we can break out all of our new skirts and dresses.

Some days we get what we want, other days we don't. So to keep our lives consistent, at least inside our homes, we went out and got ourselves this nifty tray'.

It's a brightly colored leaf fashioned out of leather (it looks like metal in the picture, but it's not!) that sits perfectly on our counter top to hold our keys, while gently reminding us that the sun will be shining soon enough. So never fear, warm weather is almost here!

Where to Buy -

Price - $18.00

Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Leaf Tray' to the Hive.

Daily Obsesh - 'Leaning Tower of TEAsa' Tea Set

Tea for two in Italy, please! Well, tea we can do but many of us don't have the time and budget just to jet set off to Italia for a quick cuppa near the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Easy solution? Bring it into the comfort of your own home with this stackable 'Leaning Tower of TEAsa' Tea Set for Two! Have fun sipping on your morning beverage or give your afternoon tea and finger sandwiches a European flair!

Easy to store and a uniquely whimsical conversation starter, this tea set for two is practical and cute!

It also makes a super sweet Mother's Day gift that you can both enjoy!

Where to Buy -

Price - $54.00

Who Found It - Idabone was the first to add the 'Leaning Tower of TEAsa Tea Set for Two' to the Hive.

Daily Obsesh - Paul Smith Bowls

You love your clothing. We know! We're the same people. We love fashion and style too! That's why we're not surprised to see this boom in celebrity fashion designer home good collaborations.

After all, who wouldn't want to buy a beautiful shirt and then a matching chair to go with it? Sounds like a good plan to us!

That's why these stainless steel bowls by Paul Smith are must-have items for your condo, house or even your small, fourth floor walk-up rental. They come in a handful of bright, bold colors on the inside, yet look sleek on your kitchen counter or on your table.

Plus, they're very functionable - use them to hold food, spices, and more ... or pop a lid on them and use them to store small items. The choice is yours. Just enjoy!

Where to Buy - Shop Horne

Price - $396.00 for set

Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'Paul Smith Bowl Group' to the Hive.