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Last Minute Costume Inspiration! 4 of Our Favorite Fashion Designers

In case you live under a rock, it's HALLOWEEN! No costume? No problem! We took inspiration from 4 of our favorite designers to get a last minute, but still stylish look!

Check out our finds below!

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Anna Dello Russo

Calling all street style snappers! Get your cameras out because this costume is sure make the Sunday Style Section cut. Contributing Vogue editor by day and head turner by night, Anna Dello Russo is one to look out for during fashion week and Halloween night. Wanna put the cherry on top? Go with your BFF dressed as The Sartorialist photographer, Scott Schuman.
What you'll need:
A. Grab a pair of show stopping sunglasses like these big blue ones.
B. She's always rocking a short and sparkly mini dress
C. Accessories with a pair of colorful chandelier earrings.
D. She relays on a fabulous pair of shoes for the perfect pose.
E. Anna wears fur all year round.
F. You wont go unnoticed wearing her famously acclaimed cherry hat.

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Donatella Versace

Looking for a form fitting Halloween costume? We'll you've just struck gold, literally! Transform into the platinum blond, Italian designer, Donatella Versace.
What you'll need:
A. A gold evening gown that will knock Dolce & Gabanna's socks off!
B. Some sparkly earrings to give you some flare.
C. Make sure to layer on your lip gloss.
D. This belladonna is known for spending lots of time under the Tuscan sun.
E. A clutch in her favorite color fits the part perfectly.
F. D always wears a pair of fierce stilettos.

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Karl Lagerfeld

This Halloween, dress up as the fashion king himself: Karl Lagerfeld. All you need are a few key ingredients to get his iconic look.
1. A sleek pair of aviator sunglasses to give you a mysterious look.
2. Fingerless gloves keep this creator's hands safe.
3. Beatle boots to to walk the streets of Paris in.
4. You can't be Karl without a fitted black suit.
5. Give off a confident vibe with a black tie.
6. The more knuckle candy you have the better!

DIY - The Perfect Fall Cateye

Be ferocious this Fall and try one of our favorite beauty trends. We're going crazy over black and bold cateyes. This dramatic look has been seen on celebrity bombshells Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss. It's so easy we're doing it ourselves and creating the perfect fall eye that will mesmerize whoever you're with! You'll be the cats meow after after trying this eyeliner trick!

What you'll need:
Face moisturizer
Stick Concealer
Black eyeliner pencil
Black liquid eyeliner
Black Mascara
Eyelash curler

Step 1 - Clean your eyelids and pat dry.

Step 2 - Apply a small amount of face moisturizer around your eyes.

Step 3 - Gently dab concealer to your under eyes, eyelids and corners.

Step 4 - Using your eyeliner pencil, draw a line on your upper lid along your lash line starting from the corner of your eye . This line should go from thin to thick as you work your way towards the end.

Step 5 - Repeat on your other eye.

Step 6 - Use the liquid eyeliner to go over your line and fill in any missed areas, adding a wing at the end of your line. The wing can be thick or thin depending upon your dramatic preference.

Step 7 - Last but not least apply mascara and curl your lashes for eyes that will roar!


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Celeb Poll - Short and Sweet?

There's a short hair epidemic sweeping through Hollywood and frankly, we love it!

Whether for a change in coiffure or a daring movie role, it takes a confident woman to chop off long locks and sport a new, spunky short 'do.

We've got three of the hottest young starlets that are leading the way in the short hair trend and we want to know ... who do you think wears her short hair the best?

Hayden Panettiere's new short locks really frame her face and let her green eyes pop!

Vanessa Hudgens debuts a new pixie cut that makes her look more edgy and sophisticated!

Scarlet Johansson wears her shorn style with attitude, the deep red hue adding to her sex appeal!

Who get's your vote? Let us know by taking the poll below!
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Video Style Steal - Kelly Rowland 'Motivation' ft. Lil Wayne

Kelly Rowland shows off her sensual side in her new single, 'Motivation'.

Smooth and sexy, Kelly Rowland bumps and grinds in an underworld setting full of virile and toned bodies. Slinking and writhing to the beat and displaying her impressive vocals, we can't help but get into the groove of this racy song.

It's a dark and lust filled world of legs and lips, studs and cutouts and hard-to-hit falsetto notes and we were entranced by every second.

While Kelly looks amazing in her provocative get-ups, we've translated her look into one that we can emulate for our everyday. Check out her steamy video then just click on the slideshow to see our picks!

Get Her Look - Leona Lewis' Special Dinner Date Ensemble

It's sad to admit, but most of us don't dine in fine restaurants on a daily ... heck, weekly ... basis. But that shouldn't deter us from having a special dinner date look on reserve.

Leona Lewis showed us how to dine in style during a recent stop at Nobu restaurant in London. Her pleated midi skirt and lace T-shirt are completely on-trend without being over-the-top. And her crystal studded platform sandals are just mesmerizing.

This skirt and top look can go dressy or casual, depending on the items you add to the look. Add wedge sandals and a canvas tote for dining at a casual eatery. A belted cardigan and understated peep-toe pumps will make this lace top and midi skirt work-appropriate.

Find out how to get Leona's special dinner date look at a fraction of a celebrity budget below.

Cream Flower Lace Tee, $70

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt, $68.96

Ivanka Trump Topaz Small Flap Crossbody Bag, $70.99

Glisten WP Platform Sandal, $185

Celeb Poll - Mommy-Daughter Day!

Celebs aren't always about the glitz and glam, diva attitudes and red carpet premiers. Especially when the celebs are also mothers.

We've got together three hot Hollywood mamas that are full-time, hands on moms pictured with their darling mini-mes. Whether they're grabbing a quick bite or perusing the grocery aisles, these leading ladies and their tiny tots still look stylish and cute.

Which mother-daughter duo do you think has the best casual weekend style? Let us know by taking the poll below!

Photo Credit - JustJared

Video Style Steal - Pia Toscano 'This Time'

American Idol alum, Pia Toscano, makes her video debut with her new single, 'This Time'.

With her powerhouse vocals and brunette bombshell good looks, Pia already looks like an experienced starlet. We not only love the empowering lyrics (recent break-up? Get back to you with inspiration from 'This Time'!) and simple video idea, but we're also digging her wearable style.

From sunny day attire in cream and neutral hues, to a night-ready ensemble in sleek black and jewel tones, Pia's video style is something we can all emulate and know we look good in!

Check out her new 'This Time' video, then click on the slideshow to see how to get her look for yourself!