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Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Flaws? Masque It!

Facial and spa treatments that we used to get at our favorite salon are now becoming more and more readily available in at-home versions.

One such beauty product that's effective and super simple to DIY is the facial mask. Whether it comes in mask or peel form, the facial mask is a quick way to rectify any skin type. You just have to know what to look for!

Well, that's where we come in. Check out our tips for the best type of facial mask for different skin types, then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorites!

Normal Skin - This is a simple one! For you, a facial mask should just be for maintenance and prevention. Look for moisturizing face masks chock full of vitamin C or anti-oxidants. Apply a face mask once every 2 weeks.

Oily Skin - Look for a clay mask or a facial peel that will mattify and control shine. Steer clear of anything that's super moisturizing as this can lead to even more shine. Try a mask once a week for optimum results!

Dry Skin - A facial mask once a week can do wonders for dry skin. Look for options that have vitamin E and are highly moisturizing. A quick tip for a little added hydration? Smooth on a dime sized amount of night cream after your done with the facial mask!

Beauty Pick Me Up - Renew Your Skin!

Late night parties, days spent lounging in the sun, weekend getaways ... all these things are what makes summer so special.

But all these things also take a toll on our skin. So pamper your pores and soothe and smooth yourself from head-to-toe with gentle exfoliating. Not all body parts are created equal, though! What may work wonders for your body can be too harsh on your face and hands exfoliators may not make a dent at all when it comes to your feet.

Take a look at a few of our exfoliating tips and then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorite exfoliating products!

Face - Your visage is the the first thing that people notice so make sure what they're noticing is a smooth face. Facial skin is delicate, however, so be sure to opt for an exfoliator that's gentle with small, rounded beads of uniform size.

Don't scrub too vigorously as a rough application can do more harm than good. And space out the treatments to once a week, or even once every two weeks for finer, more sensitive skin.

Body - All that fun in the sun can mean dull, dead skin that needs to be sloughed off to help make your summer tan pop even more! Try using an exfoliating body wash once a week to keep skin looking smooth and soft.

Apply just a quarter sized amount to a washcloth and scrub, focusing on areas like the elbows and knees.

Hands - Pretty hands are feminine and attractive. But besides a fresh manicure, the state of our skin also makes a difference! Make sure your handshake feels smooth and soft by exfoliating you hands one every week and a half.

There are some great hand exfoliating products out there, but make your life easier by opting for a handwash that moisturizes and exfoliates all at once!

Feet - Your feet carry your weight and you use them to walk, run or dance. So it's no surprise that our feet need the most love.

Soak feet in warm water for about ten minutes before applying and using an exfoliator. This helps soften the skin for easier removal. Focus on areas like the balls of the foot and the heel, using repeated circular motions with a little pressure. Finish with a thick, foot cream to keep skin soft.

Beauty Pick Me Up - 3 New Looks To Try This Week!

We've all got our morning makeup routine down pat. Face, eyes, lips ... out the door!

But why not switch it up a little and give your look a makeup makeover? It's not just fun to spice things up and try out a new look, but you may be surprised with all the compliments you get!

When it comes to beauty, it's all about looking your best; When it comes to mornings, it's all about the quickest and easiest ways to save time. We were inspired by backstage beauty at fashion shows and narrowed down three must-try beauty looks that are fast, simple and perfect for day!

The Bold Lip - There's so many bold lip colors in style right now - Cherry red, hot pink, orange-red - and it's such an easy trend to try!

Let the bold lips take center stage and keep the rest of your makeup simple with just mascara or a thin line of eyeliner and a touch of bronzer. Then using a freshly sharpened lip liner, carefully line the outside of your lips. Fill in with your desired color, blot and go!

For extra shine, add a coat of clear gloss.

Vibrant Eyes - Beauty is all about balance. Play up your eyes and tone down the rest of your makeup to make them really pop.

Choose a vibrant shadow or shadow palette. We love teal or violet. The sweep over you lids, with the lighter color first and the darker shade in the crease.

Add a thin line of eyeliner and finish with a layer or two of volumizing mascara. Complete the look with a nude or peach lip and a touch of blush at the apple of your cheeks.

Bare-Faced Beauty - There's an art to making it look like you have no makeup on when you do. Start of with a tinted moisturizer and a little cream blush to give your skin a dewy look.

Using an eyeshadow that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone, sweep across your lid and blend. Line your lids with a thin line of eyeliner and a few coats of lengthening and defining mascara.

Fill in your brows lightly if needed and finish the look off with a peachy pink lipstick or gloss. Fin.

Beauty Pick Me Up - Best Bargains Under $20

Every girl is guilty of spending more than they mean to on beauty items ... and we wouldn't have it any other way.

With all the different products for lips, eyes, face, nails, lashes ad so on and so forth ... plus all the colors and consistencies, it's no wonder we always find ourselves perusing the beauty aisles!

But getting high-quality makeup and beauty products doesn't have to come with high price-tags. We've found 11 of our favorite high-end, low-priced beauty items (all under $20!) that are sure to lift your spirits!

When you're having a bad day, or just in a mid-week slump, it's amazing what a new lip color or nail polish can do to help give you a pick-me-up. Click on the slideshow!

Beauty Pick Me Up - The Ponytail Three Ways

There was a time when ponytails were reserved for lazy weekends and softball games. No longer!

With a little product and texture, the ponytail can be just as easily dressed up and be the perfect style for any occasion!

From jeans and weekend shopping sprees with your sisters to stilettos and Happy Hour drinks, we've got three ponytail styles that are easy to do and flattering on all!


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Beauty Pick Me Up - 3 Summer Must-Haves To Throw In Your Tote!

When it's hot and humid out, the last thing you want it heavy makeup.

The heat and sweat makes eyeliner smudge and concealer and foundation feel caked on. Powders and shadows smear and mascara starts to run, plus darker colors just seem too heavy for the summer heat.

When it comes to warm, sunny days, we want to keep our makeup as light and natural as possible, but still look put-together and polished. Check out our picks for the three must-have summer beauty products that you can throw in your tote and rest-assured that you'll always be looking your summer best ... naturally!

Lengthening & Defining Mascara - As opposed to volumizing, thickening mascara. Give your lashes a break and a lighten up the load for a more summer appropriate beauty style. A subtle lift and lengthen does wonders in making eyes seem brighter and more alert!

Tinted Moisturizer - While a good foundation can make skin seem flawless, it also has a tendency to feel heavier in the heat and you risk clogging pores. But can't a girl get a little help? A tinted moisturizer keeps skin dewy and soft while still providing just the right amount of smoothing over for a still natural look. Make sure to get one with SPF!

Cream Blush - Even with the natural flush from the sun, a small touch of blush helps contour the face ands add a youthful, girl-next-door appeal. But powder blushes tend to streak or settle unevenly as the hot day wears on. Try a touch of cream blush, instead. It blends seamlessly into skin, giving just the right touch of sun-kissed rose.

Click on the slideshow to see our fave tried and true products that can give you a pretty, au naturale look for summer!

Beauty Pick Me Up - 3 Trends That Make A Splash!

Now that summer is in full swing, we've got numerous pool parties, BBQs, beach bonfires and other fun sunny day/ balmy night activities to look forward to! And while summer activities usually call for more casual looks and minimal makeup, here are three beauty ideas that are easy to do at home or at your favorite salon and fun to try. They're guaranteed to help you make a splash and really stand out!

Dip-Dyed Hair - This hair trend allows you to really have some fun without doing anything too drastic. Simply choose a color that you want (try a few shades lighter than your hair color for a subtle look, or go for a head turning hue like red or blue for Fourth of July!). Simply section your hair into three parts and tie your hair off with an elastic to the point where you want the dyed color to stop. Brush the hair dye paste onto the ends and let it sit for 20 mins. (times vary be dye). Rinse and voila!

Two-Tone French Manicure - French manicures are always a classic, but punch it up for summer by picking bright hues! A white base with red and blue tips are great for Independence Day, or try out a neon combo for an even more electrifying look! Paint 2 coats of the chosen base color onto your nails, allowing ample time to dry (this beauty tip works best when the base color is lighter than the tip). Using nail tape, or just a very steady hand, paint an even strip of the second color across the tip of your nails. Repeat for a more saturated color then finish with a shiny top coat when dry!

Boldly Colored Eye-Liner - When it's hot out, the last thing you want is heavy makeup that can clog pores or melt in the summer heat. But that doesn't mean you have to go bare! Simple line your upper and lower lids with a vibrantly colored eyeliner and finish off with a light coat of waterproof mascara. This beauty tip is guaranteed to be eye-catching (pun intended)! We're loving teal, violet and ... for the truly bold ... deep orange!

Click on the slideshow to see some of our fave products that make trying these beauty pick me ups a cinch!

Beauty Pick Me Up - Turn Up The Volume!

When it comes to beauty, sometimes bigger is better. Luscious bombshell hair, shiny kissable pouts and flirty long lashes all point to the femme fatale look that has been toted as the sexy standard for years.

Not born with Kim Kardashian locks, Angelina Jolie lips or Eva Longoria lashes? So what? We'll tell you how to get all three by following just a few easy steps that are tried and true and expert approved! Check 'em out!

Full Bodied Hair - Skip the expensive salon blow outs and do these quick and simple steps at home!

On damp hair, rub in a quarter sized amount of volumizing serum or mousse between your hands and work it through your hair, focusing on the roots.

Turn your hair upside down to brush smooth and blow-dry. Style as usual, being careful to be more gentle at the roots. Finish it off with a few last spritzes of volumizing hairspray.

Pouty Kissable Lips - Make your lips appear fuller with just the help of a little white shadow shimmer and lip liner!

Place a small dot of shimmer in the bow of your upper lip and gently blend. Carefully line just outside of your natural lip line with a freshly sharpened lip liner. Focus more on the bow of the upper lip and the middle of the lower lip, tapering and fading out in the corners.

Fill the lip with a corresponding lip color and blend with a lip brush. Add a small dot of white shimmer in the center of the upper and lower lip and finish off with a coat of clear high shine lip gloss. Besos!

Thicker Longer Lashes - This method works best if you do one eye at a time. Using a spoolie (an empty mascara brush), lightly brush your lashes so they're separated. Curl lashes and brush on a lengthening mascara, wiggling from the root to the tip for even coverage.

Then apply a coat of volumizing mascara, also being sure to focus on wiggling the wand from roots to tip for maximum potential. Repeat these steps for the other eye.

After both eyes are complete, apply one more coat of volumizing mascara and voila! Long flirty lashes!

Now check out the slideshow to see some of our fave products to help complete these beauty tips!

Beauty Pick Me Up - Ombre Nails

Are you tired of the same manicure again and again? The same reds and pinks, the same white french tip. Or maybe you're the type that just can't decide what color you want to paint your fingers and spend way too much time trying to pick one out at the salon.

Well here's a little manicure pick-me-up that's fun, easy to do and will guarantee to turn some heads! Ombre nails is the latest thing in nail trends and any girl with a nail polish collection (so ... all of us ... ) can do this at home, or just ask your fave salon to give it a try!

Just find 5 differing shades of a color, making sure that the gradient from each shade to the next only differs by one shade, no more than two.

Paint each nail a different consecutive shade from lightest to darkest.

Apply a top coat for extra shine and to prevent chipping and you've got yourself a pretty, ombre manicure!