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Gift Guide Pick: Jo Malone Candles

Every walk into a great smelling space and have it change your mood entirely?? Enter Jo Malone candles!
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DIY Beauty: Buns! Buns! Buns!

High and low buns have quickly taken over ponytails and long waves but just how does one get the look?

Watch this video for two great 'high bun' takes and for a low chignon tutorial head below!

DIY - The Perfect Fall Cateye

Be ferocious this Fall and try one of our favorite beauty trends. We're going crazy over black and bold cateyes. This dramatic look has been seen on celebrity bombshells Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss. It's so easy we're doing it ourselves and creating the perfect fall eye that will mesmerize whoever you're with! You'll be the cats meow after after trying this eyeliner trick!

What you'll need:
Face moisturizer
Stick Concealer
Black eyeliner pencil
Black liquid eyeliner
Black Mascara
Eyelash curler

Step 1 - Clean your eyelids and pat dry.

Step 2 - Apply a small amount of face moisturizer around your eyes.

Step 3 - Gently dab concealer to your under eyes, eyelids and corners.

Step 4 - Using your eyeliner pencil, draw a line on your upper lid along your lash line starting from the corner of your eye . This line should go from thin to thick as you work your way towards the end.

Step 5 - Repeat on your other eye.

Step 6 - Use the liquid eyeliner to go over your line and fill in any missed areas, adding a wing at the end of your line. The wing can be thick or thin depending upon your dramatic preference.

Step 7 - Last but not least apply mascara and curl your lashes for eyes that will roar!


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Celeb Poll - Short and Sweet?

There's a short hair epidemic sweeping through Hollywood and frankly, we love it!

Whether for a change in coiffure or a daring movie role, it takes a confident woman to chop off long locks and sport a new, spunky short 'do.

We've got three of the hottest young starlets that are leading the way in the short hair trend and we want to know ... who do you think wears her short hair the best?

Hayden Panettiere's new short locks really frame her face and let her green eyes pop!

Vanessa Hudgens debuts a new pixie cut that makes her look more edgy and sophisticated!

Scarlet Johansson wears her shorn style with attitude, the deep red hue adding to her sex appeal!

Who get's your vote? Let us know by taking the poll below!
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Daily Obsesh - Jemma Kidd Mini Liners

They say the eyes are they window to the soul and there is so much you can tell someone from just a look.

If that's true, then let's accentuate them and make our peepers pop with these Mini Liners from Jemma Kidd!

We love the colored eyeliner trend (Tip - Try lining your bottom lid for an intense and unique look!). This Jemma Kidd liner set is perfect and comes with four different color eyeliners - black, brown, green, and blue. This lets you customize how much intensity you want each time; and since they're all miniature, you can take them with you everywhere and decide as you go!

Now turn up that "smize" ... the world is watching.

Where to Buy - ASOS

Price - $22.41

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Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Flaws? Masque It!

Facial and spa treatments that we used to get at our favorite salon are now becoming more and more readily available in at-home versions.

One such beauty product that's effective and super simple to DIY is the facial mask. Whether it comes in mask or peel form, the facial mask is a quick way to rectify any skin type. You just have to know what to look for!

Well, that's where we come in. Check out our tips for the best type of facial mask for different skin types, then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorites!

Normal Skin - This is a simple one! For you, a facial mask should just be for maintenance and prevention. Look for moisturizing face masks chock full of vitamin C or anti-oxidants. Apply a face mask once every 2 weeks.

Oily Skin - Look for a clay mask or a facial peel that will mattify and control shine. Steer clear of anything that's super moisturizing as this can lead to even more shine. Try a mask once a week for optimum results!

Dry Skin - A facial mask once a week can do wonders for dry skin. Look for options that have vitamin E and are highly moisturizing. A quick tip for a little added hydration? Smooth on a dime sized amount of night cream after your done with the facial mask!

Nails Inc Arrives At Sephora With Lacquers From London!

For some reason, American pop culture seems obsessed with our pals overseas. Maybe it's the sexy accents or the simple allure of the unfamiliar, but British TV hosts, singers, actors have taken over the airwaves and the big screen alike.

And the same can be said for our preferred beauty brands - namely nail polish lines! Edgy Illamasqua and the more demure Butter London have already made waves among beauty mavens in the USA, and now Brit-based Nails Inc. has touched down in Sephora stores all over the nation!

Boasting one of the most impressive varieties of hues and finishes we've ever seen (and that's saying a lot!) - from glossy cream shades to shiny metallics and high-impact glitter, it's tough not to be intrigued by what Nails Inc has to offer the makeup superstore!

Either way, if it's good enough to grace the hands of models strutting the catwalks during London Fashion Week and covers of high-fashion magazine covers - not to mention compete with Sephora and OPI's own nail polish line - it's definitely worth taking a gander!

Brought to you by our friends from TheFind!

Daily Obsesh - Yes To Carrots Body Moisturizer

And you thought carrots were just for your salad? Well, not anymore! Not only are these radical root veggies great for your eyes, but also for your skin and hair!

Yes To is a consumer-inspired line of hair and skin products that combines high-quality organic fruits and vegetables with a special mineral elixir derived from the Dead Sea to nourish and hydrate naturally.

Yes To Carrots Body Moisturizer is like a smoothie for your skin. Made with organic carrot juice, organic pumpkin, organic sweet potato and organic melon, your skin will find it simply delicious! This luscious lotion will both nourish and hydrate the skin.

Not only that, key Ingredients Organic Carrot and Pumpkin are potent anti-oxidants that purify and revitalise the skin.

In a word ... Yum!

Where to Buy - Asos

Price - $14.14

Who - Melimeli was the first to add the Yes To Carrots Body Moisturizer to the Hive.

Daily Obsesh - Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set

Ladies, is it just us or has skin care become something like rocket science?

These days something as simple as washing your face requires a Masters in Biology. With all the polluted air, make-up, and UV rays, skin care is not something to be left by the way side. Especially now, there are so many different types of cleaners and active ingredients, it's become very easy to pick something you don't even need.

We've has come across the perfect solution to simplify your routine. Its called the 'Bring In The Moisture Skin Care Set' by Carol's Daughter. It is a great three piece set that includes a face wash, toner, and lotion.

The set fights the harsh environmental agents while keeping pores tight with antioxidants and vitamins A and E. It also moisturizes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles with aloe vera, jojoba, camomile, and ylang-ylang oils. All these and more amazing and natural ingredients will keep your skin fresh and glowing with out killing your wallet.

Where to Buy - Carol's Daughter

Price - $50.00

Who Found It - Brittani was the first to add the Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set to the Hive.

Beauty Pick Me Up - Renew Your Skin!

Late night parties, days spent lounging in the sun, weekend getaways ... all these things are what makes summer so special.

But all these things also take a toll on our skin. So pamper your pores and soothe and smooth yourself from head-to-toe with gentle exfoliating. Not all body parts are created equal, though! What may work wonders for your body can be too harsh on your face and hands exfoliators may not make a dent at all when it comes to your feet.

Take a look at a few of our exfoliating tips and then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorite exfoliating products!

Face - Your visage is the the first thing that people notice so make sure what they're noticing is a smooth face. Facial skin is delicate, however, so be sure to opt for an exfoliator that's gentle with small, rounded beads of uniform size.

Don't scrub too vigorously as a rough application can do more harm than good. And space out the treatments to once a week, or even once every two weeks for finer, more sensitive skin.

Body - All that fun in the sun can mean dull, dead skin that needs to be sloughed off to help make your summer tan pop even more! Try using an exfoliating body wash once a week to keep skin looking smooth and soft.

Apply just a quarter sized amount to a washcloth and scrub, focusing on areas like the elbows and knees.

Hands - Pretty hands are feminine and attractive. But besides a fresh manicure, the state of our skin also makes a difference! Make sure your handshake feels smooth and soft by exfoliating you hands one every week and a half.

There are some great hand exfoliating products out there, but make your life easier by opting for a handwash that moisturizes and exfoliates all at once!

Feet - Your feet carry your weight and you use them to walk, run or dance. So it's no surprise that our feet need the most love.

Soak feet in warm water for about ten minutes before applying and using an exfoliator. This helps soften the skin for easier removal. Focus on areas like the balls of the foot and the heel, using repeated circular motions with a little pressure. Finish with a thick, foot cream to keep skin soft.