10 Cute Cases To Carry Your Cosmetics!

by Amber Fijolek • Jan 26, 2010 8:20 AM PST

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10 Cute Cases To Carry Your Cosmetics!

Lotion, line, tweeze, brush, apply, bronze, shade: the process of readying ourselves for the everyday world can be quite the long list. And the list of beauty products we use can seem never-ending. Those you prize most, however, need somewhere to belong, and travel cosmetic cases can be found in styles as cute as your favorite primping tools. The simple and sleek black one you've had forever gets the job done, but it's nice to have one that's not so lame to show off at the community sinks of your office, airport, and coffee shop. As both something that's a necessity (to organize) and a luxury (to ogle) these trinket trappers are a great gift idea as well. Some tips in choosing a tote for some of your most precious tools: pockets are preferable for making like items easier to find, canvas soaks up stains, and too large a makeup carrier almost defeats the purpose of having one. See the slideshow for my picks!

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  • creativegoddess says

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    87 months ago